Afghanistan: The United States can complete the withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan within a few days

Madrid, 30 years old (Europe Press)

US officials told CNN that the United States may complete the withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan within a few days and could leave up to 1,000 troops in the country.

Thus, the withdrawal will be implemented quickly, after the US President, Joe Biden, announced in April that it would take place before the next September 11th.

But officials said Washington would leave up to 1,000 troops in Kabul to protect the US embassy and Kabul airport.

Specifically, 650 will be responsible for providing security at the embassy, ​​while the rest will go to the airport to support the Turkish forces that will be responsible for protecting the place.

If the withdrawal of US forces is completed in the next few days – those German forces ended the operation on Tuesday – it will happen in a period of deteriorating security in the country.

The advance of the Taliban, which has launched several attacks in recent months, came despite the peace talks process and amid the withdrawal of international forces, which has alarmed the international community.

In addition to the United States and Germany, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and Italy are the other countries that have had the largest military presence in Afghanistan. The five deployed 6,000 soldiers out of the nearly 9,600 contributed by 36 NATO countries, and other partners such as Ukraine.

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