Addresses deleted during this week

Content streaming platform NetflixAs you well know, it is usual to delete “old” content to make room for other “new” content. Also this week that is just getting started, we’ll thus see titles disappear forever.

On the contrary, I remind you that, last week, the giant released a new and interesting series called Bridgerton, which talks about how weddings are organized (often arranged) in the 1800’s. Let’s find out now about the contents that we will have to welcome until Sunday 24 January. 2021.

Netflix: Content to be deleted during this week

Let’s start immediately from tomorrow, Tuesday 19 January 2021, It will be the role of the movies Escape – Get out and fall from the sky. The first tells of a spooky black boy named Chris who has to meet the parents of his white girlfriend at their country house. At first it looks cute, but he quickly realizes that there is something strange under it. The second movie tells the story of Julia, who falls into Alejandro’s yard from the apartment above: That’s what it took to shake these two lonely men and make them finally meet.

Wednesday January 20, 2021 It will be up to 4 movies: Fireplace for your home – birch crackling fire, fireplace for your home, Equalizer 2 – amazing and unforgivable journey. The latter tells of a single mother who will accompany her rebellious father with her son who has been expelled from the retirement home, and will surely be a road trip across the country.

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Thursday January 21, 2021 It will be the last day you can watch the TV series Coco Bell, League Peanuts And the movie Rational man. The first two are intended for a fairly young audience, such as And yet he is moving and yet moving – Galileo, It always ends on the same day. No content will be deleted during the weekend.

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