From the Trevi Fountain to climatic work tables. The second day of G20 live

Marathon negotiations between G20 delegates on the summit’s final declaration continued into the late evening of Saturday, October 30. Hence, the summit resumes on its second day. Diplomatic sources made it clear that defining specific commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, even the meetings scheduled for Sunday, seem very complicated. Hence the 2050 goal of a zero-emissions world, which was already bracketed in the first draft of the document, It has now been replaced by a more general ‘half century’.

If China is proposing 2060 as a target, India, which benefits from its status as a developing economy, does not intend to make specific commitments. However, all emerging countries fear that very strict measures to combat global warming will have an unsustainable economic impact.

In the summary of Argentine President Alberto Fernandez, They are noble goals but they “cost money”.. Russia, for its part, can barely digest the pressure on methane, an economic and geostrategic pillar. On the eve of Cop26 in Glasgow does not open, so, under good care. Indeed, it is the warning of the United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, that the risk of failure is palpable.

However, US President Joe Biden described the working day at the G-20 summit as “productive”, focusing above all on economic issues. “The global minimum taxes we’ve discussed are a game changer for American workers, taxpayers, and entrepreneurs,” Biden wrote on Twitter. “I’m looking forward to day two,” Biden concludes, posting some photos from the summit.

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    Meeting between Di Maio and his South African counterpart Pandor

    Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio held a bilateral meeting with his South African counterpart, Grace Nalidi Mandisa Pandor, on the sidelines of the G20 meetings. This was declared by Farnesina, stressing the “excellent bilateral relations”, noting that South Africa is “our main economic partner in sub-Saharan Africa”, as well as “a major player in the development of the region. The only African member of the G-20”.

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    Trudeau: “In action to take action against the climate crisis”

    The “global crisis” of climate change must be tackled “with the utmost urgency and ambition. That is the G20’s goal today.” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wrote in a tweet, adding that he would provide “updates. During the day.” “We cannot deny climate change. Climate action cannot be postponed.”

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    For Boris Johnson, a special dawn visit to the Imperial Forums

    Even today, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, started his day by immersing himself in the ruins of ancient Rome. After appearing at the Colosseum yesterday morning, Johnson this morning allowed himself this morning a private visit to the imperial forums, learning from diplomatic sources, and then joining the other leaders in Trevi Fountain.

    Johnson has a deep connection to classical culture that goes back to his Oxford studies of the classics and sometimes marks his speeches with quotes from Greek and Latin. As Mayor of London, Johnson sought to promote classical studies in public schools

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    Draghi will meet Trudeau and Wang Yi

    Two Draghi summits are scheduled for the second and final day of the G20 in Rome. At 1.10 pm, the Premier will meet with the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, and after that, he will have a dialogue with the Foreign Minister of the People’s Republic of China, Wang Yi.

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    World leaders threw a coin into the Trevi Fountain

    Performed by world leaders at the Trevi Fountain in the heart of Rome The traditional and conciliatory lottery for the currency, the first event of the second and last day of the Group of Twenty. At 9.15 a.m. the greats arrive, led by Prime Minister Mario Draghi, to do the homage.

    The surrounding area is fully armored, which forces the spread of law enforcement agencies. The small staircase leading to the pool was covered with a blue cloth, and at the beginning of the descent the commanders were greeted by two policemen in full military uniforms.

    The coinage ritual, of uncertain origin, arose from the legend according to which to make sure of returning to the Eternal City it is necessary to throw a coin into the eighteenth century fountain, with your back turned, and immediately turn around to try to see it before it disappears into the water.

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    Waiting for Prince Charles to call on the climate

    The Prince of Wales will speak this morning at the G20 Summit, at the La Nuvola Convention Center, in Rome, at the invitation of the Italian Prime Minister, Mario Draghi. Carlo has been committed for years to the defense of the environment, particularly against climate change, and has been in Rome since yesterday, where he participated in a reception and dinner organized in the Quirinale by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

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    He will accompany the heir to the throne of England to the special session of the Group of Twenty Written by Italian entrepreneur Brunello Cucinelli and Brian MoynihanCo-chair of the Sustainable Markets Initiative (SMI), which consists of more than 300 corporate presidents and CEOs and whose mission is to unlock the commitment and potential of companies to deliver solutions to the global climate crisis.

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    From the Trevi Fountain to the Dragee Conference, the agenda

    Today’s agenda includes an initial tour of central Rome with group photos in front of the Trevi Fountain. Instead, major work will be devoted to climate change. 10:30 is a date with Prince Charles, amid numerous bilateral meetings between the two leaders. Finally, at 4.30pm, Mario Draghi’s final press conference. Most leaders will then leave for Scotland, between tonight and Monday, to participate in COP26

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    Today is a duet between Anthony Blinken and Wang Yi

    He will meet with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in Rome Chinese Foreign Minister Wang YiState Department reports. This is the second meeting between the two parties amid tensions between the two forces. The meeting in the Italian capital, where both diplomats attend the G-20 summit, is part of Blinken’s public agenda today.

    It will be the first confrontation between Blinken and Wang after the one in Alaska last March when the Chinese delegation berated the US side in front of the cameras. Trade, human rights, Taiwan and the Covid pandemic are just some of the causes of tension between the world’s two largest economies.

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    Draghi: “Satisfaction with the EU-US steel agreement”

    Overnight, Prime Minister Mario Draghi expressed his great satisfaction with the agreement reached between the European Union and the United States on tariffs on steel and aluminum. The resolution, which coincides with the G20 summit in Rome, underlines the strengthening of the already close ties across the Atlantic and Gradual overcoming of protectionism in the past years. The President hopes that this agreement will be a first step towards greater trade openness between the EU and the US, to encourage the growth of both economies.” This is stated in a note from Palazzo Chigi.

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    Biden: “First productive day, minimum taxes a turning point”

    “It was a productive day of meetings at the G20. The global minimum tax we discussed is a watershed for American workers, taxpayers and businesses. I look forward to day two.” US President Joe Biden wrote this on Twitter, at the end of the first day of the ongoing G-20 work in Rome.

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    Mattarella: “A lot of ambition is needed to deliver appropriate responses to climate change”

    Against climate change, it is necessary to “maintain a high level of ambition to shape appropriate responses”. These are the words of the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, to the leaders of the Group of Twenty held at dinner on Saturday evening in the Quirinale. “Italy has identified three main axes for its G20 presidency: people, planet and prosperity. People and their lives must be at the center of our concerns”

  • 06:57

    Indo-Pacific rapprochement between Macron and Modi

    A “great convergence” on the Indo-Pacific strategy with “trust, independence and unity as guiding principles” emerged at the bilateral summit between the French president, Emmanuel MacronIndian Prime Minister, Narendra Modiwhich was held on the sidelines of the work of the Group of Twenty. Sources from the Elysee reported this.
    The two presidents agreed on the “necessity of joint endeavor to promote democratic values, and affirmed their adherence to respect for sovereignty, peace and stability.” The “common will to advance the Indo-Pacific strategy in bilateral, regional and international fora” was also affirmed. The sources added that a “strategic dialogue” would be organized next week to realize this desire and move forward on the common agenda. Modi then praised “France’s role in building a European strategy between the Indo-Pacific.”

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