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In the Japanese photography circle, there is a group of factory photography enthusiasts (mainly referring to petrochemical plants), Tatsuki Ito (Tweet embed) is one of them. He claimed to have taken photos of the factory area in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture for 8 years, only recently taking one of his favorite photos. Considered a powerful “end of life”, the photos have been widely praised, and so far have received more than 170,000 likes and nearly 26,000 retweets.

▲ “I have been photographing the factory area in Yokkaichi for 8 consecutive years. This is my favorite.”

▲ Since the images are considered a strong “end of life”, they have been widely praised. (Photo by ta2funk @ Twitter)

Factory-themed photos usually emphasize rich lines (large and small tubes) and lighting (spotlights or natural light for illumination), and it is clear that Tatsuki Ito’s chosen subject is a large amount of white smoke emanating from the chimney (usually water vapor). Originally, the dawn and the chimney of smoke did not give people a very special feeling, but there was a magical touch in the picture. A large group of birds almost filled the picture, which seemed to indicate an ominous omen, which made people feel uneasy. The netizen’s message was very sharp: “The devil is coming, it looks like he’s destroying this world.” Another message said: “It feels like the end of the century, and there is also the impression that the dawn of a new world is coming.”

It turned out that early in the morning Tatsuki Ito had captured the night scene and the morning glow, and the sun was about to rise, and he was packing his gear and preparing to leave. Suddenly he saw a group of black shadows writhing in the distance, and when he looked carefully he discovered that it was a large group of birds. He immediately took out the camera again, and took the job in very little time. It can be said that this work was filmed entirely by chance, and it cannot be repeated.

In fact, Tatsuki Ito has photographed the factory area in Yokkaichi for 8 years, and there are many factory works to be proud of. For example, the following photo of a “big view” of the plant was taken one day right after a storm in 2017. And because the details are so clear, it won the best prize in the National Factory Night Photo Contest last year. Everyone can also come for it TwitterSee more of his work.

▲ Most Outstanding Business won the “National Factory Night Photo Contest” last year (Photo by ta2funkTwitter)

▲ (Photo by ta2funkTwitter)

▲ City of clouds photographed by a drone: Echizen Uno Castle, Fukui Prefecture (Image via ta2funkTwitter)

▲ Gifu Castle (Photo by ta2funk @ twitter)

▲ (Photo by ta2funkTwitter)


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