Braves for USA baseball

The match was six rounds in favor of the visitors, after they scored in the same first ring, and later in the fourth half they consolidated the difference to 2-0 with the Venezuelan Jose Altove winning at home.

And so, in the sixth inning, the hosts hit the board with an RBI song by Austin Riley, who battled Eddie Rosario and Freddy Freeman over the bases and there the momentum stopped.

But with the arrival of the seventh inning, the call of fortune, suffering came to the Astros who saw they were losing their advantage and with it the game, the product of two house hurdles shook the thousands of fans present in Trust Park.

The first hit came from the wrists of Dansby Swanson who passed the ball through the right field and the second from Cuban Jorge Soler who knocked out and sent the ball across the left at 372 feet.

The winner of the game was Tyler Matzer who threw only one inning and did not allow Houston liberties and charged backhand Cristian Javier, who endured the distinguished homers.

These two teams will meet again on Sunday in Atlanta, and if the Braves win, it will all be over and MLB will have a new champion, but their rivals are no easy prey and they will certainly come out to survive the title fight.

JCM / Emma

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