From Masters to Lucifer, Netflix will be there!

In spite of geek week Although and they share, initiatives that seemed openly designed to compete with San Diego Comic-Con, Netflix announced that it will hold paintings during Comic-Con @ HomeIt will be held online from the 23rd to the 25th of July.

In the three days of the virtual event, Netflix will present some projects among those coming from the final season of The devil ad thieves army, prequel to army of the dead Which we saw the first pictures of a few days ago. There will be a panel dedicated to the upcoming animated series ofسلسلة Kevin Smith Masters of the Universe: Revelation. Here is the programme.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation

Friday, July 23, 9:00 pm Italian time. The voice cast and creators will talk about the series. It has not been decided who will be present. The cast includes Mark Hamill, Chris Wood, Lena Headey, Kevin Conroy, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Liam Cunningham, Stephen Root, Henry Rollins, Alicia Silverstone, Justin Long, Jason Mews e Tony Todd. Here is the trailer.

Fear Street – Trilogy

Saturday 24th July at 1am Italian time. director lee janac, The actors Kiana Madeira and Olivia Scott Welch e Benjamin Flores Jr and the creator RL Stein They will talk about treatment عن Movie. Here and here a review of the first two chapters.

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the last mercenary

Saturday, July 24, at 24.00 Italian time. Jane Claude Van Damme and the manager David Sharon will present he is photographing Arrive on July 30th. Van Damme plays Richard Brumaire, better known as “La Brum” (“Bruma”), a former French special intelligence agent turned mercenary. Richard returned to work when the immunity granted to him twenty-five years earlier was raised to his son Archibald. A criminal operation threatens Archibald’s life and to save him Richard will have to make contact with his old acquaintances, joining forces with a nonconformist bureaucrat and a group of hotheaded young men from the popular neighbourhoods, but above all, find the courage to reveal to Archibald that he is his father. Here is the trailer.

The devil

Sunday, July 25, 2:00 a.m. Italian time. the star Tom Ellis and executive producers Joe Henderson e Eldi ModrovicWe’ll talk about what we can expect from the sixth and final season of The devil.

thieves army

Sunday 25 July at 11:00 pm Italian time. Producers Zack Snyder and Deborah Snyder e Wesley pasteTogether with the director and the hero Matthias Schweigover and star partner Natalie Emmanuel, will serve broccoli army of the dead. In the film, a bank teller’s Dieter is drawn into life’s adventure when a mysterious woman inducts him into a team made up of some of Interpol’s most wanted criminals, in order to steal a series of legendary and dungeon vaults across the city. .


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