French gang attack the police station with fireworks and metal bars

French gang attack the police station with fireworks and metal bars

A group armed with metal bars and fireworks attacked a police In the suburbs of Paris on Saturday night, officials said.

The group of about 40 people attempted to storm Champigny-sur-Marne station, about nine miles southeast of central Paris, according to Reuters.

Police released a video showing fireworks exploding towards the station. Officials said the attackers failed to enter but managed to extensively damage the station and nearby cars.

So far, no one has been arrested for the attack.

“A violent attack last night on the Champaigne police station with mortar shells and various projectiles. No police officer was injured,” Paris police headquarters tweeted on Sunday.

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The motive for the attack is unclear, but it is the third such attack in the past two years.

Champaigne Mayor Laurent Jean said the attack may have happened after a motorcycle accident that locals blamed on the police.

It was an organized attack of about 40 people who wanted to take a fight. “The situation has been tense for a few days with people who have a certain willingness to go to battle with the police,” he told BFM television.

Criminal activity has surged across France since the coronavirus ban expired.

During the weekend, a group of swastikas was sprayed around Paris. Police tweeted an image showing a cluster of columns, each with a symbol of hate.

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“The ugly Nazi signs completely in Paris. Thank you to the police for their response: the alleged perpetrator has been arrested, ”one person tweeted.

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