Comedian Bill Burr cheered, criticized his banter about white women and woke up to the culture on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Bill Burr

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“It will likely be canceled.”

Yes, Bill Burr saw backlash coming early in his inaugural monologue on “Saturday Night Live.” Looking back, it wasn’t really that hard to be prophetic, considering his material touched everything from masks and offense to gay pride and race. He even made a rift about the death of grandparents from the Coronavirus. He said, “There are a lot of people.” “It’s a dream come true.”

Of course, viewers could have picked any number of Burr’s jokes to insult her, but the comedian dealing with white women hijacking the waking up culture is what made Burr such a sensation on Twitter TWTR,
Overnight. “Somehow, white women in Gucci shoes swung their feet over the funnel fence and hung themselves in the front of the line,” he said, adding that “not many white women have ever heard of my life.”

Check out the full monologue:

Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long for the Internet’s rage machine to completely explode, but there was also a lot of love to counteract the hate. Here is just a sample of both:

Ouch. Well if Bohr is upset by the reaction, you won’t know him from this Sunday tweet:


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