France threatens retaliatory action against Britain, over fishing permits – News on UN Network

How do. September 30. UNN. France will decide within two weeks on possible measures after Britain and the Norman island of Jersey refused to license dozens of French fishing vessels to operate in their territorial waters. write about it UN Referring to Reuters.


Paris accused London of playing a political game with post-Brexit fishing rights and called on other EU countries to take the same hard line against what it called “Britain’s contempt for new trade relations”.

The misunderstanding between the two countries is due to the fact that Paris is angry at Great Britain’s participation in the new Indo-Pacific Security Agreement with the United States and Australia. (AUKUS), This led to Canberra’s decision to abandon the agreement to purchase French submarines.

French Navy Minister Annick Girardin said French fishermen should not be held hostage by the British for political purposes, and said appropriate measures could include energy supplies, educational exchanges, trade flows and rail links.


Fishing and control of British waters was a hot topic during the 2016 UK referendum on leaving the European Union. But since then, British fishermen have accused the government of “selling out” them, allowing European ships to continue fishing in their waters.

The UK said it had issued licenses to nearly 1,700 vessels to fish in the 12-200 nautical mile zone, and another 105 licenses had been issued to vessels to fish in the 6-12 nautical mile zone.

Jersey, which depends on the British crown and is closer to France than to the UK, said it issued 64 full and 31 temporary permits to 47 already licensed vessels earlier this year, but rejected applications from 75 fishing vessels.

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what was before

Earlier this year Paris threatened Electricity was cut off to the island of Jersey, and in May Britain and France deployed naval patrol boats in Jersey waters after a fleet of French trawlers marched into the English Channel in protest.

When the French trawlers headed for Saint Helier, London sent Two military patrol boats to monitor the situation, prompting Paris to respond.

to calm the conflict, Both parties agreed Fishing continues for three months for EU vessels in Jersey waters. Expires this week.

Prior to Britain’s withdrawal from the EU bloc, boats from EU countries were allowed to fish in British waters under agreed quotas of what they could catch.

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