Ogier can be crowned in Finland

Here’s the Festival of Speed, the fastest test of the World Cup. After a year of absence due to the epidemic, finland rally, The event the best drivers want to win, is back on the calendar. On another date he can change his landscape, leaving summer to enter autumn, but always with great slides and leaps in which everyone wants to succeed. A date when Sebastien Ogier plays his first “match ball” to be crowned champion for the eighth time.

The French, who has a 44-point lead over Elvin Evans, Thierry Nouvel with 50 points, and Kaley Rovanpera with 51 points, He needs to leave North History above 60 to secure the title. And if we use the closest stats, Toyota is the favourite, as it triumphed in University Jyväskylä in the previous three editions. But beware, in the last two it was Ott Tanak, now the Hyundai driver, who won. And to add to the suspense, the local idol, the young Rovanpera, returns home after a recent victory at the Greek Acropolis, wanting to defend himself against his country. Plus, Ogier, who actually won in 2013, now drives a Yaris, surely Evans, Neuville and Craig Breen will too, and we should even incorporate Esapekka Lappi, winner in 2017, into the equation when he returns. Toyota WRC. Who will be the new speed king?

The question is what will change with the new date. Autumn temperatures are lower than usual in summer, the light is lower, and rain is forecast. More ingredients for this season’s most impressive race, a test in which Carlos Sainz finished the legend in 1990, only the Nordics.

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this time, In the absence of Dani Sordo, Pepe Lopez will be the most represented Spanish player. The madridlini is resuming his season after the good times he had in his previous appearance on a date where he is hard to spot. There will also be Miguel Diaz Abu Citizen A veteran In this test he participated twice before. The competition starts on Friday with a get away morning and early afternoon sections, to crown the new King of Speed ​​at noon Sunday.

World Championship for Pilots

1. Sebastien Ogier 180 points

2. Elfyn Evans, 136

3. Thierry Nouvel, 130

4 – Calle Rovanpera, 129

5- Out Tanak, 106

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