Five Xiaomi products that could not be missing from the business office or study area

Our work and study area should fit perfectly in a comfortable environment. To do this, Xiaomi has a variety of Products aimed at improving our desktopFrom mats to lamps that protect our eyes.

We talked about in the past Essential products for your kitchen. We’ve also commented on Indispensable gadgets for home, car or office. Now we present to you a compilation of Xiaomi items to complement your work and study space.

1. XL mouse pad and keyboard

Some time ago Xiaomi launched its own device Rug size XL. This has it 80 cm long and 40 cm wide. Perfect size for keyboard placement, leaving enough room to move the mouse freely.

The rug is made of high quality fabric, with a combination of Polyurethane leather and natural cork extracted from European oak trees. These properties give a smoother finish, greater durability, reduced friction, and ease of cleaning. it’s a Water resistant It can be washed in a washing machine.

Xiaomi launched a new carpet with a premium design and extra long size.  Xiaomi news addicts

On the other hand, the bottom of the rug is non-slip. This It allows it to fit seamlessly into your desktop. If it catches your eye, you can buy it right away AliExpress.

2. A good mouse will improve your productivity

One of the newest products in the Xiaomi catalog is Mi Portable Mouse 2. Mouse characterized by presence Extremely silent, wireless and has great autonomy. This model brings some improvements that place it over the other models.

Five Xiaomi products that could not be missing on your desktop.  Xiaomi news addicts

To start we highlight its design. Its manufacturers choose a brushed aluminum alloy, with both gray and black finishes, giving it a sleek, modern style. As far as functionality is concerned, the mouse is portable It includes a DPI adjustment button at the bottom. This allows the user to adjust the sensitivity of the device.

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Although the most notable feature is the dual mode connection. This means that You can use it simultaneously on two different computers. The best part is that you can switch between the two connections by pressing a small button on the top. you want it? The product is available in AliExpress.

3. Right lamp

It is imperative that the work or study area is well lit. That’s where the lamp is Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp Pro Taking center stage, a model that stays on top, while It includes properties that enhance our eyes health.

Five Xiaomi products that could not be missing on your desktop.  Xiaomi news addicts

Made of ABS plastic, with dimensions 30 x 16 x 42 cm And weight 2 kg. This lamp was introduced to continue the legacy of commercial success of past generations. The device contains Swivel and foldable arm, Capable of providing a powerful 14W LED light output.

The lamp features an adjustable color temperature between 2500 and 4800K Significantly reduces the negative effects of artificial lights. Therefore, it is suitable for night use. You can also use its rotary control to change brightness, adjust for any kind of environment.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp Pro is a smart device. So You can control it remotely from your mobile phone Through Xiaomi Home, or even Alexa or Google Home. You can find it at AliExpress a Amazon. It should be noted that Xiaomi also has the Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp 1S which is a cheaper option available at AliExpress s Amazon.

4. Gel pens, best if they last up to 5 times longer than others

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With over 100 million units sold, we present to you Xiaomi Gel Pens. If you’re wondering why it’s so popular, just appreciate its excellent writing quality. Its tip is very delicate, so it delivers 0.5 mm stroke Accurate and fast.

These colored pencils by Xiaomi promise to last longer than you can imagine.  Xiaomi news addicts

Next to these pens Lasts up to 5 times longer than conventional pens. So they are the perfect ally for every student or office worker. The best thing is that it is so lightweight, it barely weighs a little more than 8 grams. So they are not comfortable with the transportation.

These pens are very economical. For about 3 euros We can buy it with them AliExpress a Amazon.

5. A good screen doesn’t have to be expensive

Buy cheap Xiaomi Mi Monitor Desktop 1C from Spain and Amazon.  Xiaomi news addicts

Xiaomi launched a powerful display called Mi 1C screen. 23.8 ” office screen, ultra-thin bezels and minimalist design. It’s 7.3mm thick, so it’s an incredibly thin screen. What’s more, Add various video inputs such as HDMI and VGA.

Your IPS board is accurate 1920 x 1080 pixels. So it delivers fairly decent image quality, high definition, and crystal clear. It has a traditional shape 16: 91000: 1 contrast and 178 ° viewing angle.

The cheapest Xiaomi monitor arrives in Spain, the Xiaomi Mi Monitor 1C.  Xiaomi news addicts

Another related technical detail is the maximum power of 24Wn Decrease the blue light level. For this reason, the health of your eyes is not affected much. If interested you can buy it from Amazon.

Breathe quietly with the Xiaomi Air Purifier

It is known that in order to work or study efficiently, it is essential to have an undisturbed environment. For this reason, we decided to add another product to the list. Around Mi Air Purifier 3C. A device that will completely change the atmosphere of your room.

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On offer is an inexpensive Xiaomi air purifier, the Mi Air Purifier 3C.  Xiaomi news addicts

In short, this is a smart device Provides control of humidity, temperature and air quality through From our mobile device. It is also compatible with voice assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant.

The purifier works in areas of up to 106 square meters, and continuously releases 320 cubic meters / hour of clean air. Additionally, it includes a HEPA filter traps up to 99.99% of the smallest particles.

The air purifier has an LED display and also works with a relatively low noise level. If you like it, don’t miss your chance and get it now on the platform Amazon.

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