Qasim Musleh Al-Khafaji: Who is he and why was he arrested?

Photo released, GRAB TV

An Iraqi security source said that on Wednesday morning, a security force had arrested Qassem Musleh al-Khafaji, commander of western Anbar operations in the Popular Mobilization Forces, in an airdrop operation in the Dora area southwest of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

Who is Qasim Musleh Al-Khafaji?

Reports indicate that Qasim Karim Mahmoud Musleh al-Khafaji is the commander of Anbar operations in the Popular Mobilization Forces, which includes many of the factions supported by Iran.

He is a former commander of the “Ali Al-Akbar” brigade, affiliated with the Shiite crowd directly run by the Shiite authority. Before that, he was the commander of the “preserving order” forces of the Husseiniya shrine in Karbala. He is a resident of Karbala, and his family lived in the province for decades.

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