Filming for a new Netflix thriller movie has begun

Gray man

Netflix will continue to make its way into the world of high-budget action thrillers by adapting an exciting novel by Mark Greeny, The Gray Man. In the history of Netflix production and release.

What is the gray man about?

The Gray Man summary was introduced through the production roster: Known as The Gray Man, Court Gentry is a legend in the underground world, silently moving from job to job, achieving the impossible and then disappearing. And it always reaches its goal. But there are forces more lethal than the gentry in the world. In their view, the gentry had outnumbered its usefulness. Now he will prove that there is no gray area for him between killing for life and killing for survival.

The beginning of filming

Filming officially started on 1/4/21. Filming will officially take place in Los Angeles, California, but other locations around the world will be used.

It’s the budget

The movie will be Netflix’s largest production to date, with a whopping $ 200 million budget.

The Rousseau Brothers

Joe Russo wrote the script for the hugely successful original movie Extraction, and both Roussos were producers on the project. The two also work on the animated series Magic: The Gathering for Netflix and the sequel, Extraction.


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Checkout date

Netflix has not confirmed an official release date for The Gray Man, but with production beginning in January this year, the release will be for 2022. We’ll keep you posted with more news.

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