The tennis pro must change his plans: Dominic Kupfer and the Australian Open-Sport

“We were first notified in writing, and there was a very recent video conference where we were informed of the regulations,” says Kupfer. To delve into the details right next: “We will now all combine with the organizers’ flights in Melbourne that start from many angles. So we’re totally on our own.”

The schedule is now set for itself, too: It will start on January 14th, after a good month than originally thought. The tournament should start in just four weeks. In between, there are 14 days of quarantine, which apply to every professional without exception.

In general, according to the concept of hygiene, the rules are very strict. “During this time we are allowed to leave the hotel for a maximum of five hours, for example for training. But then we have to come back immediately. We also get our food in front of the room door. Somehow, there is such a thing as a prison with walking in the usual yard.” Kupffer laughs.

Furtwanger assures that he can understand every measure, and of course he will stick to the rules. After all, it is not only about the health of the players, but also the health of the entire population. Especially since we can move freely again after this quarantine, “confirms the left-hander.

Not outside of Victoria, the southeastern state of Australia. So, if at all possible, the ATP Cup, which played with 24 national teams in Brisbane, Perth and Sydney at its premiere last year, should now take place in Melbourne.

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For all the other players, there will also be another tournament to get the necessary training for the match in the Australian Open, ”explains Kupfer. But the final decision has not been made yet, and Furtwanger himself awaits more information every day.

What exactly does this mean to him then? “I’m going to be spending the holidays and the beginning of the year in the United States and maybe taking another week’s break,” says Kupfer, with a broad smile. “If I train all the time, I’m going to be devastated from the first spotlight of the year.” His expectation for Aboriginal land, kangaroos, and koalas has diminished slightly.

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