New members of the Oscar organization further expand the diversity

Organization behind academic awards announced on Tuesday that it has extended invitations to 819 artists and executives as part of its 2020 membership class.

45% of women, 36% of underrepresented ethnic / racial communities and 49% of internationals from 68 countries were invited, the organization said.

“The Academy is pleased to welcome these distinguished colleagues in the film arts and sciences. We have always participated in exceptional talent that reflects the rich diversity of our global film community, and never more than now,” Academy President David Rubin said in a statement.

This year’s invitations include actors Cynthia Erivo, Constance Wu, John David Washington and Eva Longoria.

In full swing #OscarsSoWhite movement, the academy has set inclusion goals as part of its A2020 initiative to double the number of women and underrepresented ethnic / racial communities by 2020.

Those goals have been exceeded, according to a news release on the new calls.

The Academy recently announced the next phase of its Capital Inclusion and Inclusion Initiative, called the Academic Opening 2025.

The initiative seeks to “improve the organization’s ongoing efforts to further engage in the entertainment industry and increase representation within its membership and larger film community.”

Its initial phase set specific goals for the Oscars and academia management, membership, and workplace culture.

“We are extremely proud of the steps taken in overcoming our initial inclusion goals set in 2016, but we recognize that the road ahead is a long one,” said Academy Executive Director Dawn Hudson. “We’re committed to staying on the course.”

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