Faced with the Omicron variant, France decided to isolate contact cases, even fertilized

If no cases of the new variant are currently detected in France, health authorities are preparing for it. The Ministry of Health has just decided to tighten the isolation of people with contact cases.

On Saturday, the Ministry of Health said that anyone “in contact” with another, who tested positive for the new virus of the coronavirus, Omicron, in France, will have to be isolated even if they have been vaccinated.

“Anyone at risk of contact with a probable case or a confirmed case of the B1.1.529 variant, regardless of their vaccination status, should be considered a ‘high-risk contact’ and should therefore be placed in quarantine,” according to the text sent to healthcare institutions and professionals that A copy of it was obtained by Agence France-Presse.

Currently in France, where no confirmed case of this type has been announced so far, if a person has been in contact with someone infected with the Coronavirus, they must self-isolate for seven days only if they have not been vaccinated or if their vaccination schedule is incomplete and/ Or you are immunocompromised, according to your health insurance.

Several confirmed cases in Europe

Concern was growing in Europe on Saturday in the face of this new type of coronavirus, with the announcement on Friday of a confirmed case in Belgium, followed by two cases on Saturday in the United Kingdom.

In Germany, a suspected case was identified in a person who had recently returned from South Africa while in the Netherlands 61 passengers who arrived on Friday on two flights from South Africa tested positive for Covid-19.

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