Emirates News Agency – The UAE National Archives and the Israeli National Library sign a Memorandum of Understanding

ABU DHABI, April 30th, WAM / Within the framework of strengthening and developing future cooperation between the UAE and Israel and enhancing cultural relations for the benefit of the two friendly countries, the National Archives of the United Arab Emirates and the National Archives. The Israel Library signed a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at supporting common goals, promoting programs and activities of mutual benefit, and cooperating in cultural activities in a way that serves the interest of international cultural heritage and the documentary film sector in both countries.

The MoU was signed remotely by Dr. Abdullah Muhammad Al Raisi, Director General of the National Archives of the United Arab Emirates, and Oren Weinberg, CEO of the National Library of Israel.

The procedures for the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding were carried out remotely and transmitted via interactive technologies, in implementation of the precautionary measures required by the current epidemic. The ceremony was held in the presence of Mohammed Mahmoud Al Khaja, the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Israel, Itan Neh, Chargé d’Affairs at the Embassy of Israel in the United Arab Emirates, and Jumah Al-Rumaithi, a member of the National Archives. The Board and the Chairman of the Executive Committee, Abdullah Majed Al-Ali, Executive Director of the National Archives, David Bloomberg, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Library of Israel, Dr. Israel and officials in both institutions.

Dr. Hamad Abdul Rahman Al Midfa, Secretary General of Federal Supreme Council Affairs and Chairman of the National Archives, praised the signing of this agreement and emphasized its importance in promoting cooperation between cultural institutions in the United Arab Emirates. Its role in strengthening relations between the two countries in general.

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On this occasion, Dr. Abdullah Muhammad Al-Raisi, Director General of the National Archives said: “We are meeting today to set a new milestone in building the partnership between the UAE and Israel, and we recognize the great importance of this new partnership. Relations between the two parties because they support common goals in enriching the cultural and documentary heritage sector.” In both countries. At the same time, programs and activities of mutual benefit support those who think about the National Archives of the United Arab Emirates and the National Library of Israel and their wealth of manuscripts and historical documents, in all its forms, the importance of cooperation and complementarity between them and the positive results that will result from this cooperation.

He added, “We must also point out the importance of the experiences that the National Archives and the National Library of Israel went through and the advanced work mechanisms in both buildings, which will open new horizons for further progress in the future.” He pointed out that the National Archives was able to spread its wings around the world to reach more of the world’s most advanced archives and libraries, benefit from their long experiences and obtain documents that are at the heart of its interests while documenting memory. For the nation for future generations. He said, “At the present time, we are trying in the National Archives to complete our mission by accessing the funds of the Israeli National Library to improve the funds of the National Archives with more documents and providing its library with books and periodicals that have been published. In the Hebrew language, which has begun to attract a group of intellectuals and those interested in history, heritage and contemporary sciences.” .

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He added, “The strategy of exchanging knowledge and experience among successful institutions, implementing joint training programs in the field of archiving, cooperation in cultural activities, activating cooperation in seminars, conferences and workshops, exchanging publications and participating in exhibitions. Other things, it is not a cultural luxury in itself but a necessity.” Also, we must seize the opportunity to activate this agreement and benefit from it for both parties. ” Al-Raisi expressed his gratitude to the Israeli National Library for coordinating it, and his willingness to cooperate with the National Archives, stressing the importance of working on developing solid plans to activate the terms of the memorandum of cooperation in the near future for the benefit of the two institutions The two friendly countries.

David Bloomberg, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Library of Israel, said on the occasion, “I have no doubt that taking a real leap forward will ensure lasting peace and friendly relations. Over time, this cooperation will be on the ground. Cultural relations. And the importance of respecting other cultures.”

Bloomberg also added that the close cooperation between the National Archives of the United Arab Emirates and the National Library of Israel will be the cornerstone of ensuring friendly relations that are mutually beneficial for the two countries in the future.

Additionally, Dr. Raquel Uchlis, Head of Collections at the National Library of Israel, said, “We are committed to providing access to our resources to a diverse audience in Israel and around the world. Tens of thousands of researchers from all over the world. The Middle East uses our digital collections of rare manuscripts, historical press, etc. Our new regional partnership with the National Archives of the United Arab Emirates will reinforce our common goals of preserving cultural heritage and making it accessible to users of all ages and backgrounds. Israel and the UAE, and from all over the region and the world. ”In conclusion, everyone thanked Muhammad Mahmoud Al Khaja, the UAE ambassador to Israel, and Eitan Naih, Chargé d’Affairs at the Israeli Embassy in the United Arab Emirates, Eitan Nae, Emirates Airlines for their invaluable efforts in coordinating between the two parties to sign the Memorandum of Understanding.

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The memorandum of understanding included many articles dealing with the importance of document exchange, providing an opportunity for each party to search for library and archive resources for their own history. The MoU also emphasized the importance of exchanging experts in the field of libraries and archives to exchange knowledge and experience and implement training programs. In the field of archives, the articles of the memorandum included cooperation in cultural activities that promote cultural exchange, such as seminars, conferences, workshops, employee training, exchange of publications and exhibitions, and others.

Translated by: Mina Samir Fouka.


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