Donald Trump does not accept defeat in the 2020 US election – and the votes are counted again

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Donald Trump is recounting the vote for the 2020 US election in Arizona. Even Republicans are concerned about Trump’s new decision.

PHOENIX – More than five months after the 2020 US election and after many failed attempts to reverse results, former President Donald Trump embarked on a new path to question the outcome: the manual count of 2.1 million ballot papers handed in Arizona.

Several media advisers reported that President Biden’s predecessor was focusing on the unconventional trial in Phoenix for the Senate by taking ballot papers and voting equipment from Maricopa County and delivering them to Cyber ​​Ninjas, a private contractor whose administration directors were not backed by evidence. Allegations that the elections were illegal.

Donald Trump does not want to accept the outcome of the 2020 US election

Trump, who lives in his private club in Florida, reportedly asks his employees for updates on the process multiple times a day. “He’s talking about it all the time,” said someone who visited Maralago recently and listened to Trump for 45 minutes to discuss the recount.

Donald gives a campaign speech. (Archive image)

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“I am very concerned that this affects every state in the country,” Kim Wyman, a Republican who is Washington state’s secretary of state, said in an interview. This politicizes an administrative process without a real structure, laws or rules to guide it. “

Even Republicans were concerned about Trump’s new Arizona number

“Anytime the dominant party loses in the future, they will use an administrative process after the election to question this, and people will no longer be able to trust that we will have fair elections,” she added.

Millions of votes have been recounted for Donald Trump for the 2020 US elections in Arizona.

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In Georgia, Gabrielle Sterling, a prominent Republican election official, tweeted that he said the Arizona exam “is another step in undermining confidence in the election. This process is neither transparent nor legal.”

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However, Donald Trump is not even considering retiring politically. More and more signs indicate that he wants to know again. All eyes are on the year 2024. (Louisa Wickser)

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