Dominic Thiem is happy with the “really good” victory at the opening of the Madrid-Sport Mix match

Austrian tennis star Dominic Thiem completed the first match of the ATP Tour after a good month-and-a-half break at the Masters Tournament in Madrid.

It never occurred to you in his match against US qualifiers Marcus Girón, in which Tim had won 6-1, 6-3, that the Lower Austria might stumble at first in the Spanish capital.

In return, Tim feels happy after winning the Sky interview: “Jeron played 3:26 hours yesterday. He definitely played my cards. But I am generally satisfied with the debut.”

Deep Stacks Theme

The fact that Tim knows the conditions of the main playing field in Madrid perfectly and that the height and the way the balls jump away just suit him. “It was really good for the first game in a long time.”

However, the US Open winner does not want to set expectations too high. Before the tournament, it was “Too low. I haven’t done anything for three or four weeks.” In contrast, he has been able to train very well for the past two and a half weeks, has been at a good level physically again and has also played well in training.

“Carrying that into the match, however, there are two completely different pairs of shoes. So, every win here in Madrid is a complete success for me,” Tim accumulates deeply. However, “I’m really happy with the way it started.”

The fact that he managed to win back on the 23rd birthday of his girlfriend Lily Paul Roncalli makes Tim smile: “It’s definitely better to win her birthday than to lose.”

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Unbeaten against de Minor

In the second round, the lower Austrian now has to play against Alex de Minaur, and the Australian is currently 24th in the ATP World Ranking. To date, there have been three duels with the 22-year-old, and Tim’s record is flawless.

In addition to two hard court wins (three sets at the 2017 and 2020 US Open), there are also two head-to-head clay court wins. In 2018, this year’s Austrian athlete made the third important point in the Davis Cup duel with Australia, which also means a return to the world group.

Lichtenwörther wants to use the free Wednesday to train, “so I can play a little better and play as much as possible against De Minaur.”

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