Djokovic is like a goat? Zverev winner in the general service category? Comments by former Osaka coach Pagin

After his ninth win in Melbourne, Novak Djokovic is finally the king of tennis in Australia – 23-year-old Naomi Osaka is preparing for similar success in women’s tennis.

It’s all about the Australian Open, but there are also many other topics Sports 1 For Tennis Podcast Across the court I talked to Sasha Bajin.

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Offers detailed answers, but also many interesting insights and impressions from his accumulated coaching experience with Osaka and as a long-term partner of Serena Williams.

Sports 1 Some excerpts from it are shown here. The full conversation with Pagin about Djokovic, his injury, the GOAT race, Alexander Zverev and his former players Osaka and Williams as well as unusual gifts in Japan are now available at Tennis PodcastAcross the courtRun It can be heard on all common platforms.

Sasha Baggin on …

… the men’s final and Djokovic’s renewed victory:

“Someone like Novak knows how to play the best tennis in the circumstances of the Grand Slam final and deals with the pressure to get it out in three sentences.Medvedev, anime. Dr.. red.He looked a little random, unable to play his best tennis. Novak was very good, very stable, very hardy. He’s been successful 17 times before. This was clearly shown. (Wask expert at Sport 1: This is the biggest problem for the new tennis generation)

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… the influence of the fans on the field on some players:

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“There are players, they say they live from the crowd. When you play against Maria Scary in Melbourne. The Greeks were loud there. It naturally helps. I’m pretty much Roger Federer when he comes back you will have trouble – when he’s out and the pitch is completely empty.”

… the goat race between Djokovic, Federer and Rafael Nadal:

“Just because you have the most Grand Slam titles does not automatically make you the best tennis player. There are many other factors together. We should just enjoy that the Big Three can play for a long time and hopefully they meet a few times.”

Zverev’s performance at the Australian Open:

“Sasha Zverev is going through the most difficult time of his life – away from the field. You obviously can’t relax on the field. You’re not a robot, you have feelings. You can’t let them off the field, it just got a little easier on the field and it shows. But he manages his career on the field.” Tennis is doing very well at the moment. It’s not easy what he’s going through at the moment. “

… about Serena Williams’ quest for the 24th Grand Slam title:

“She must have gotten more relaxed off the field. But she is still on the field and she is Serena, not a mother. She still wants to win as much as she did before and definitely hit number 24 so that there is no doubt. That’s one of the few reasons why she keeps playing, for what I guess. Nobody should say, but she (Rekordsiegerin Margaret Court, Dr. red.) He has one more. He is simply, and he is also what defines him, very ambitious for that. “

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… the fact that he only trains women:

“If I do a good job as a female coach, it becomes even more evident because the top three are not as far from the rest as it is for the women. Anyone can win the Grand Slam or 1000. That makes it so much fun as a coach for me. You’re also there as a coach to win titles.” big “.

… on the potential of his former player Osaka:

“I think she should dominate now. I don’t know if she will win again, win, win, but I do expect some consistency from her. She is very good – whether in the offensive zone or in the defensive zone.”

“There are instances when you can determine what kind of things they are made of.In the 2018 US Open Final against Serena Williams, Note by Dr. red.) I noticed that little baby is something very special. I expect very big things for them in the future. “

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