Despite the uncertainty about the spending law, Trump goes to Florida-Escambray

The Hill newspaper reported that Trump’s opposition to the regulations is causing concern among members of the two parties. (Photo: PL)

US President Donald Trump left for Florida on Wednesday, leaving Washington in uncertainty after voicing opposition to a spending bill aimed at financing the government.

On Monday, Congress approved the 2.3 trillion (millions) of dollars’ worth of bill and includes a $ 900 billion stimulus plan aimed at countering the impact of the pandemic. From COVID-19.

The approval of the legislative bill was achieved after many debates, stalemates and noticeable differences between Republicans and Democrats over the content of the measure, but Trump described the proposal last night as shameful and called on lawmakers to change some of its elements.

The outgoing president, who is heading to his Maralago resort in Palm Beach, has not categorically said he will veto the spending bill, which will allow the government to fund until September 30, 2021, when the current project ends. Fiscal year.

However, The Hill reported that his opposition to the regulation is worrying members of both parties, who question whether the president will sign the law before the December 28 funds close.

Among other issues, the president is calling for the increase in the direct amount that must be paid to Americans as a result of the pandemic from 600 to two thousand dollars, a measure that Democrats agree to, but Republicans reject.

Likewise, the president opposes that the legislation allows for benefits from families of illegal immigrants, because it includes expenditures from the government budget that he deems unnecessary as provisions for cultural institutions and foreign aid to other countries.

According to Hill, if the head of state insists on his rejection of the law, the most reasonable measure that Congress should take would be to pass a one-week revolving resolution to avoid shutting down the government and funding its work until early. From January.

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Additionally, if Trump were to veto the bill, lawmakers would also have the option to vote to overturn the move by the president, which would require the support of two-thirds of Congress.

According to the site, Capitol members are expected to return to Washington next week to comment on another controversial measure by the president, his decision to veto the annual defense policy bill today.

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