The Google Pixel widget will now display weather alerts

Application launcher Google Pixel At the top of the main screen a Piece Constant called ‘take a look’, Which shows our day, weather forecast, and calendar events, and from now on Weather alerts.

Now once you open the screen, you will see it in Tool A. Bad weather alertSuch as alerts of flood, storm, hail, etc.

This is the new Google Pixel weather alert

the new A weather alert is displayed on both lines It can trigger the tool, and stop appearing during emergency warning on weekday and other events.

The caveat appears to be that Continuous and will stop appearing until the alert status ends Announced by the meteorological agency of the government agency for each country.

Whoever doesn’t want to see this kind of alert on their Pixel phone should just do it Long press on the widget And click Preferences. There in the “quick glance” settings you can disable Weather alerts Or other information that may appear on the tool, such as calendar events, birthdays, or work profile alerts.

Pixel widget

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