Dean resigns after supporters of Joe Biden described them as ignorant, anti-American and anti-Christian | US News

Dr Ewell called Biden supporters 'anti-Christian' in a now-deleted Facebook post (Pic: YouTube)

The dean of a Virginia university resigned after supporters of Joe Biden described them as “ignorant, anti-American, and anti-Christian” online.

Comments he made on his own site The social networking site Facebook The account was announced after someone released and posted a screenshot.

The foundation confirmed on its website that Dr. Paul Ewell had resigned.

Dr. Ewell told his friends on Facebook that they were “unfriendly” if they were a fan of the president-elect

He also left his role as Professor of Management, Business and Economics at Virginia Wesleyan University.

On Facebook, tell supporters Elected President To “canceling his friendship” and accused them of spoiling the elections, as well as “our youth … our country.”

The President retweeted his recent comments Donald Trump, Who shared an article mentioning the comments of the former dean.

Mr. Trump commented on the post with the word “Progress!” As apparently an endorsement of Dr. Ewell’s comments.

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University spokeswoman Stephanie Smaglow said last week that the former professor had apologized for his comments.

Ewell reportedly told the university student newspaper – Marilyn Chronicle – that he was upset when he made the remarks and expressed regret for his comments.

US President Donald Trump is watching after providing an update on "Speed ​​wrapping process" In the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, DC, November 13, 2020 (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP) (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP via Getty Images)
US President Donald Trump shared his approval of Dr. Ewell’s comments on Twitter

He said: I have friends and family Democrats, And I like them very much.

“I apologized profusely in both accounts. I have provided a poor example in this post of what a Christian should be like.

“I know that God has forgiven me and has already died for my sins. I hope others will forgive me too.”

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Dr. Ewell added, “We all need to be less irritable and more willing to forgive, and that definitely applies to me. I’m a Christian in progress for sure.”

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