Mexico vs Japan: Live Internet Stream, friendly updates (0-0) | 11/17/2020

4:01 PM a minute ago

0 ‘

The game begins

3:56 PM 6 minutes ago

You have already heard the hymns

The national anthems of Mexico and Japan are heard

3:55 PM 7 minutes ago

They jump in the field

At the moment, Mexico and Japan jump into the field

10 minutes ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the Japan-Mexico match, do not miss all the details of the last match of the national team in this non-typical 2020

3:44 PM 18 minutes ago

Positive brand

Hajime Moriyasu has managed 27 games with Japan, with 17 wins, 5 draws and five defeats, so will he reach his sixth defeat?

3:38 PM 24 minutes ago

In the event that you miss yourself

27 minutes ago

The Japanese in Mexico

3:31 PM 31 minutes ago

Xi Japan

Schmidt; Tomiyasu, Sakai, Yoshida, Nayakama; Endo, Shibasaki, Haraguchi, Kamada; Ito, Suzuki

3:27 PM 35 minutes ago

Various adjustments

As for injuries and injuries, Tata made six adjustments to this match, most notably Ochoa in goal, Sanchez in the side, and Orogo in the middle to form dumbbells with Moreno, Pineda and Romo in the midfield, while Pizarro will be the man to replace. Corona

3:24 PM 38 minutes ago

XI Mexico

Ochoa. Sanchez, Araujo, Moreno, Gallardo; Pineda, Romo and Rodriguez; Pesaro, Jimenez, Lozano.

3:22 PM 40 minutes ago

From the void

3:20 PM 42 minutes ago

In perfect condition

3:09 PM an hour ago

Potential record win

If Mexico defeated Japan this afternoon, Martineau would score 19 victories with the national team and Miguel Herrera would equal the number of victories in the eleventh historic center.

3:03 pm an hour ago

Will not be present

The Mexican director of communications reported that defender Cesar Montes will return to Mexico to recover from a pain in the right thigh, which will not allow him to play this afternoon’s match against Japan in Austria.

3:00 pm an hour ago

High quality competition

For the Japan coach, Mexico is a competition in the hierarchy. He stated in a press conference that Tri “plays regularly in the World Cup and has one of the strongest teams in the world. Playing with them will give us the best picture of where we are in terms of our strength and international standing.”

2:59 pm an hour ago

We have started

Mexico faces its last match in 2020 against Japan, which will be played in Austria. We start by covering the three colors

4 hours ago

The latest games

In the five matches counted since 1996, Mexico has the advantage of four wins and one defeat, highlighting the victories in the Confederations Cup in 2005 and 2013.

4 hours ago

How to Watch México vs Japan Live TV and Stream

5 hours ago

Japan’s latest lineup

Gonda; Ueda, Yoshida, Itakura; Moruya, Shibasaki, Hashimoto, Nagatomo; Miyoshi, Kobo, Minamino

5 hours ago

The last lineup is Mexico

Gonzalez. Rodriguez, Salcedo, Moreno, Gallardo; Rodriguez, Alvarez, Cordova; Corona, Jimenez, Luzano.

11:09 AM 5 hours ago

Japan: It ended without defeat

11:04 AM 5 hours ago

Mexico: Farewell in Triumph

10:59 AM 5 hours ago

Starting time

The Mexico vs Japan match will be played at UPC-Arena in Austria. The start of the match has been set at 3 PM ET.

10:54 AM 5 hours ago

Welcome to’s live coverage of the 2020 Friendly Match: Mexico vs Japan!

My name is Adrián Hernández and I will be your host for this game. We’ll provide you with pre-game analysis, roster updates and news as they happen right here on VAVEL.

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