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Cheep thrown into a coffin

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They have taken their activities to the streets, the activities of all those who, due to the epidemic, have had to close their doors. to Punta Seca, In symbolic places Fiction Montalbano, the restaurant owners Cecilia Rey Company They organized the Flash Rally, which took place in the space between Piazza Faro and Piazza Torre. In various improvised locations, pizza chef jobs were created, with pizzas, pastry chefs, grills, restaurants, pubs and bars.

Many operators from other categories suffering from the epidemic have also joined: travel agencies, tour operators, hoteliers, bed and breakfast owners, camp sites and gyms, florists, hairdressers, taxi drivers, NCC, entertainment operators, animators, wedding agencies and operators, tourist guides – cleaning companies. Industrial laundries.

Someone brought the family, others brought camping tents, or they paraded a mannequin with a wedding dress and table. Theater company JudoThose who joined the initiative displayed chairs facing the ground as a symbol of closed theaters. Everyone symbolically threw their “licenses” into a coffin in Faroe Square. Immediately afterwards, a procession moved with the coffin over the restaurant owners’ shoulders, towards the “house of Montalbano”, followed by all present.

From the balcony of the house the president of the Sicilian company made a protest voice, Raphael ViacaventoAnd the Tania CoralloMayor of Santa Croce Camerina, Giovanni BarronAnd regional parliamentarians In DipasqualeAnd the Stefania Campo e Orazio Ragusa. Restaurant owners asked parliamentarians to take charge of the category’s requests. Then representatives of other production classes spoke.

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Opening on April 26th, with the possibility of catering only in the open air does not solve the problem – Said Viacavento –. Nobody will be able to open. In this season, it is impossible to anticipate the possibility of outdoor lunches and dinners. The latest decree stipulates that indoor catering services can be provided from June 1 only for lunch. These are more restrictive routes than last year when we were allowed to reopen on May 18th. Today, as vaccines head towards recovery, curfews have been confirmed starting at 10 pm, in this way killing thousands of companies. We want to restore the dignity of our work!“.

The early closure at 10 p.m. is a serious weakness for all categories of tourism: even travel agencies, B & Bs, and camp sites see reservations collapsing or canceling. Additionally, restaurant owners are also asking to extend the moratorium on mortgages.

A people who do not help and do not like their theater if they do not die, are dying“He said Federica Pesena, By Godot, citing Federico Garcia Lorca. He added:Theater is programming. A producer facing costs must have guarantees. These false openings do not solve the problems“.

At the end of the event, the restaurant owners asked and got a meeting with the leader of the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives, Deborah Syraciani.

For our parliamentarians – Fiaccavento additive – We request that our requests be submitted to the government and parliament. We hope to hold meetings with other party advocates and be able to find solutions that allow our groups to restart safely. We ask the regional government to help the sector. We had expected intervention in the financial sector, but that was not the case. We know an agenda has been introduced that could allocate 250,000 million to help businesses. We ask to be present at the technical tables in Palermo to bring the voice of the class. We do not feel represented by commercial organizations. At the corporate levels, Re Cecilia wants to be present independently“.

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