Amazon Hires engineers: “Together, we’ll launch satellites to bring the Internet to people from space”

Rome – Amazon rents. The e-commerce giant is looking for women and men who will allow it to set its foot in the “space economy”. A trillion dollar deal. Amazon wants to launch 3,236 satellites in an orbit of more than one foot, ensuring – for families and corporate businesses – high-speed internet connections. The project is called Kuiper.

Orbits and Frequencies (Federal Communications Commission)

Tests show that subscribers will be able to surf the Internet at speeds of up to 400 megabytes per second as the ability to download words, pictures and videos from the Internet. Obviously, they will need a rooftop or balcony antenna in order to receive the signal. But as Linkem’s experience teaches us, the antenna doesn’t have to be bulky. one of Amazon It will be 30 cm wide.

Antenna prototype for subscribers

The Amazon project – 10 billion internet investment coming from the sky – is nearing a climax, as is a new employment campaign emerging. Now, they are available 194 jobs Indefinitely. The employees will be added to the 500 people already working on the project. Amazon primarily targets experts in hardware (116) and software (40) development.

Hence, engineers are the most sought-after professionals. We are talking about graduates in Electrical Engineering, Applied Engineering, Network Engineering, and Mechanics. FPGA programming and PCB professionals are also required. In the eyes of the Amazon geniuses of artificial intelligence and algorithms; But he is also responsible for procurement, supplies and human resources.

Work sites, of course, in the United States: The work will be performed privately between Redmond (Washington), Sunville, San Diego (California), New York and Austin, Texas. Amazon requires an office presence. But four jobs also allow to work from home.

To take its satellites into orbit – up to 630 kilometers from Earth – Amazon has designated its first taxi service. The satellites will travel aboard the Atlas V rocket, which has succeeded 100 percent of its missions.

The Atlas V mission is 85 at the moment. The most famous of them allowed the deposit of Perseverance Rover on Mars. The missile is owned by the United Launch Alliance (ULA). The contract between Amazon and the United Launch Alliance (ULA) includes 9 launches for the Atlas system.

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