Crazy characters for The Midnight Sky on Netflix

Midnight Sky is available on Netflix during Christmas week, and on holidays, the new movie is available George Clooney Record very important numbers on the streaming platform.

In the past few hours, Deadline analyzed the performance stats for a series of titles released by Netflix in December, and found that Midnight sky It was viewed by about 72 million homes in its first two weeks of programming, A number that would be enough to become one of the “greatest broadcast movies of all time”.

Moreover, it seems that the success of George Clooney’s movie does not stop within the borders of the United States: Deadline always states that science fiction with Felicity Jones has It reached # 1 on Netflix in 77 different countries And I entered Top 10 out of 93 countries in total, Making it clear that the combination of science fiction film and apocalypse extinction drama can work for many different audiences. After all, the movie offers something for every type of audience, so its success is easy to understand.

Netflix will be an interesting model to track in 2021, When movies seek to return to theaters but at the same time other streaming services such as HBO Max and Disney + will seek to bring the highly anticipated titles directly to the fans’ homes.

For more ideas here, our review of The Midnight Sky.

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