Best and Worst Ftse Mib December 2020

Half a percentage point last week, Ftse Mib ended December with a 1.2% increase.

Although it cannot be compared to the + 23.7% achieved in November thanks to the US election result and vaccine announcements, the main basket of Piazza Affari in the last month of the year posted a positive trend following two events already partially priced:

  • Green light for the plan Stimulants in the United States;
  • Agreement to regulate part of the relations between the European Union and the United Kingdom In the post-Brexit context.

Ftse Mib: the best performances of December 2020

The title palm that recorded the best performance is the equity of Moncler which rose in the last month of 2020 by more than 20 percentage points (+ 21.78%). Announcing the acquisition of Rocky island.

The acquisition was assessed by Equita analysts as “strategically appropriate” because it provides Moncler “the opportunity to accompany Stone Island in the process of geographic expansion (today 80% of sales volume in Europe) and to promote direct distribution (today 78% of the wholesale turnover.” ) And digital, benefiting from a strong and distinctive brand.

Certainly a positive last month of the year for the trio formed by Fiat Chrysler, CNH Industrial and Exor, respectively, at 11.43, 11.78 and 13.17 percent.

With th Brent who scored in December + 6.6%Saipem stock rose 8.1%, Eni rose 1.73%, and Tenaris saw a full percentage point increase in value.

Ftse Mib: Worst performance of December 2020

In a generally unoccupied banking sector (+ 0.37% BPER, Mediobanca par and -1.02% Intesa Sanpaolo), UniCredit’s breakdown of -12.2% is worse than Premium basket.

Waiting to know the future of the MPS operation, it was The farewell news of CEO Jean-Pierre Mostier in April 2021.

The director commented, “Over the past few months – the director said – it became clear that the strategy for Team 23 and its founding pillars was no longer in line with the current vision of the Board. Consequently, I made a decision to leave the group at the end of my term in April 2021, in order to allow the board to define the strategy Future. “

Shares in Inwit (-8.02%), STMicroelectronics (-7.62%) and Telecom Italia (-4.21%) also fell. Aspi’s case continued to affect Atlantia (-4.07%) while utility companies Hera, Italgas, and Enel respectively left 3.81, 3.66 and 1.53% in the field. .

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