Netflix releases, upcoming movies and TV series in April 2021: La Casa di Carta 5, The Serpent, Zero, and more

Upcoming Netflix releases, The House of Cards 5 But not only. Lots of news also comes for April with new movies, TV series and documentaries that will enrich the catalog available to subscribers. Among the news that reached Netflix Italy in April 2021, there are rumors of the arrival of the fifth season of La Casa de Papel, the comedy Just Say Yese, and the TV series The Serpent.

Netflix releases, upcoming movies and TV series, in April 2021

Here is the main news among the movies and TV series that we will see on Netflix as upcoming releases in April 2021. Among them we find Just say yes, A romantic comedy in which a woman sees her ideal wedding dream fading away at the last minute. Deadline April 2, 2021.

Great expectation then Thunder Force For those who intend to have a feast of superheroes and superpowers, in this case, however, in this case, you will have to wait until April 9.

to me Netflix Original TV Series Everything is ready for the first season of Dark and cheeky Available from April 23, 2021. Magic, Saints, Evil, and Supernatural Creatures are the primary ingredients for this production. It is inspired by a series of real events Serpent It tells the story of a serial hoaxer. Coming on April 23rd.

La Casa di Carta 5: release date, previews and new season crew

But it is pointless to get around it. Everyone wants to know When the fifth season of La Casa di Carta launches. At the moment, unfortunately, there is no official with a release date House of Cards 5. Sure enough, the shooting due to the Coronavirus emergency has been postponed.

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The first dates back to last August and scenes were filmed in Spain, Denmark and Portugal. We can expect a release of the series within 2021 and it looks like the likely date is one April 7, 2021.

Fifth season, if that were the case, it would be upon us. What will happen to a gang of thieves? How will the adventure that, remember, that began with the Raid on State Mint end?

La Casa di Carta 5: Previews and Actors

But what will happen in the fifth season and apparently last season House of Cards? If many ask, but you just have to wait for the appearance of the series to enjoy the adventure of the whole gang and understand the fate of each individual character. What did author Alex Pina want to tell in 10 episodes this time?

Read the full poster of the House of Paper 5 here

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