Covid-19: A key day in Manchester’s showdown with the UK government

Covid-19: A key day in Manchester's showdown with the UK government
Photo caption: Bavaria has imposed strict measures in several regions to contain the virus

So how does the UK compare to anti-Coronavirus measures that are being intensified in other European countries. Here is a brief account of the latest developments in six of our continental neighbors.

Neighborhood in
Bavaria Will be subject to the close from 14:00 (12:00 GMT) this afternoon, the first zone of Germany To do this since spring. You can just leave the house on Berchtesgadner Land For shopping, business, or other good reasons. The local infection rate during the past week was 272.8 per 100,000.

Compare this rate to Spanish Navarra As the injuries reached 945 cases out of 100 thousand residents. Starting Thursday, movement in and out of the area will be banned for two weeks and bars and restaurants will close, but fast food will still be allowed.

Ireland The strict measures of the Fifth Level will take effect from midnight tomorrow, and the Cabinet meets today to consider what additional measures should be taken. People across the country are being asked to stay home – You can read more here.

Belgium It was the first night of curfew, allowing only essential movement from midnight until 5 am. Another 269 Belgians have been hospitalized with Covid-19 in the past 24 hours.

The Italian Area Lombardy The national government was asked to impose a regional curfew from Thursday, amid expectations of a sharp rise in the use of intensive care beds.

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France It has reported more than 2,000 people in intensive care for the first time since May. More than half of the intensive care beds in the Paris region are in use.

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