Conscription in Ohio: Queen Eours’ commitment could make the ball roll in 2022

Tomorrow, Ohio Indiana will be in town for their Top 10 Showdowns, and while this next game is the top priority for players and employees, Buckeyes’ recruiting efforts have stolen the limelight once again.

Early in Ryan Day’s tenure as head of the program, he was relegating to the elite ranks like the 2021 tournament they are about to sign. While this class is the second most impressive in the country with a chance to stay on top before it all ends, it is now the 2022 category that could be more impressive. The way Buckeyes is stacking these classes one by one, it’s like he’s making what could be a great run for Ohio in the near future.

There is nothing better than this

Before the internet almost collapsed last night, Buckeyes’ reception coach Brian Hartline took to his Twitter account to tweet the emoji “popcorn,” which does nothing but catch your eye. Ohio State employees and committed people have tweeted these random food emojis before, so you knew there was just something about recruiting.

Coming from Coach Hartline, you would have thought the tweet related to one of his own center group players, but seeing Mark Pantone join the fun just moments later pretty much gave the order that something big was just around the corner.

Huge as you get, The country’s best quarterback player and highest ranked player with 247 sports in 2022 Queen Eours He announced his commitment to Ohio about three weeks after withdrawing from Texas. The achievement that further establishes Ryan Day’s position as the best quarterback position developer, we have to state again what this means to move forward with Buckeyes.

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After landing two Elite Callers in 2020, Five stars Kyle McCord In 2021, and now the best of what happened with Ewers in 2022, there is probably no better group than quarterback in three years like what Ohio has here. The ideal example of the rich getting richer, this kind of recruiting win is almost unheard of.

What to do is give position coach Corey Dennis the credit for where he deserves. Not even a full season under his belt as a mid-back coach, he helped Dennis achieve what most coaches hope to do once in their entire career is to be the best player on their show.

As proof of his enlistment cut, Dennis did whatever it took to help seal the Ohio State deal for the Ewers. Whether with Quinn in person or with his family, Dennis never gave up, even during a time when Texas was the choice. It’s safe to say with the help of Dennis as well as Ryan Day, Bucky’s quarterback streak might be the strongest ever.

To get an insight into why Quinn made the Ohio decision, 247Sports hiring manager Steve Wiltfung put it in this article he published last night. In the article, it was mentioned how important the role Dennis played and why Buckeyes is considered the best fit for Ewers on and off the field.

How good are Quinn Ewers as likely? OK…

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What could come next

Still deserted by the prosperity Ohio State managed to achieve with the Ewers last night, the next thing to consider is what could come in the near future thanks in large part to Quinn’s decision to be Buckeye. For starters, assisted by Hartline, Ohio is once again in competition and the early leader of the Best-in-class receiver for 2022 It was also three years in a row.

Citizen of Texas, Caleb Burton He has been linked multiple times to Ewers, and the two made it clear that they would like to play together on the same team at the next level.

Fortunately for Ohio, Burton not only has a great relationship with Ewers, producer Del Valle is also working with current Buckeye Star future Garrett Wilson when he returns to his hometown of Texas. Adding these two components to the deed he already has with Hartline, and it looks like this is already in the works to become a finished deal that can be completed very soon.

If Burton actually chose Ohio, it would give Buckeyes another year where they could go to the Lone Star State and snatch not only one of the best receivers in Texas, but also one of the best in the state. That produces talent at an incredible rate.

Make no mistake about it: Brian Hartline is clear on his approach. He’s recruiting Texas at a rate that perhaps honestly shouldn’t have happened being an out-of-state coach. With the way Buckeyes is hunting for talent in Texas right now, there’s nothing really new and it’s just part of the trend. More major booms could come soon thanks to the momentum that started with the landing of the best QB in the country.

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Quick strikes

  • Last night, Ohio kept busy on the 2022 front when they sent their latest bid to a three-star defensive end potential, Campbell’s Jihad. A citizen of New Jersey is currently classified as 23 best player in his position And the seventeenth player in Garden State for his class.
  • Per Bill Corellic, 2022 Four stars running back Damari Alston Buckeyes members are “definitely a leader” in his recruitment. Ohio has made it clear that Damary is a prime target for the 2022 category. As it stands now, Buckeyes appears to be in the driver’s seat for Alston.

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