French Open press boycott: Naomi Osaka faces disqualification

Naomi Osaka threatens to be excluded from the French Open (the best matches of the day in SPORT1-LIVETICKER) if she continues her press boycott.

The organizers announced this Sunday after the inaugural win of the four-time Grand Slam winner. (All about tennis)

Osaka must pay a fine to boycott the press

“Naomi Osaka has informed us that she will face other potential consequences if she continues to ignore her media duties during the tournament,” said the French Tennis Association (FFT) on Sunday and fined Osaka $ 15,000 initially. More severe penalties amount to and include exclusion from the tournament. “

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Previously, the 23-year-old had defeated Roman Patricia Maria Teague 6: 4, 7: 6 (7: 4) in the first round of the French Open – and only then broke her “pledge to remain silent” in a short field interview. As previously announced, Osaka has moved away from the mandatory press conference.

“Playing on the clay is still a learning process for me,” said the Japanese, after finishing the game 1:47 hours. “I hope to improve with every match on this roof.”

Osaka is frowning

Ahead of the tournament in Paris, the US Open and Australian Open champion announced that she would not speak to the press in order to draw attention to the mental health of professional athletes. She did so despite the organizers’ best efforts to change her mind.

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Her announcement made the scene frown. “Without the media, we might not be the athletes as we are today,” said Rafael Nadal, the Paris record champion in the run-up to the tournament. World number one Ashley Barty from Australia confirmed that journalism for her was “part of the job”. Alexander Zverev showed more understanding, saying number one in Germany “respects the decision.”

In terms of sports, Osaka wants to take the next step in the French Open. In its previous four matches in the French capital, it had always been knocked out before the Round of 16. It should continue this year – without critical inquiries from the press.

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