Christopher Nolan, a deal with Netflix? Here under no condition

Scott Stooper, president of Netflix Original Films, told The Wall Street Journal that the dialogue is between them Christopher Nolan And the broadcast giant about a possible future collaboration. The news is clearly causing a sensation, especially since Nolan is one of the room’s most loyal supporters.

“There are aspects of global distribution in theaters that are still attractive. Chris Nolan and I have spoken a little bit … and that’s something he still badly wants. As long as we can’t guarantee it, that will be a big problem for him.” Stober said.
This is what it is The real stumbling block is a potential deal between Nolan and NetflixNima theatrical presentation of the film.

Netflix has the most Oscar nominations For the second year in a row, however, many directors are still somewhat hesitant to assume that their movie will be released exclusively on broadcasters, as Scott Stauber confirmed
Among the movies Netflix has also distributed in theaters, there is also The Irishman by Martin Scorsese and The Story of a Wedding by Noah Baumbach.
Assuming an agreement between Christopher Nolan and Netflix, given what Stober said, no longer sounds like a utopia but is certainly complicated.
What is certain is that the future production of the director remains uncertain; In January, Christopher Nolan cut ties with Warner Bros., after the Tenet distribution controversy.

On Everyeye you’ll find a review of Tenet, the latest movie directed by Christopher Nolan.

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