Chivas vs Atlas LIVE Stream Online Updates (2-0) | 10/17/2020

45 ‘

The first half ended. Chivas 2-0 Atlas.

43 ‘

Acosta misses the first goal in red and black after a shot inside the small area that veered slightly off target.

40 ‘Goal

Goal! Registered by Macías. Chivas 2-0.

35 ‘Goal

Goal! Registered by Antuna. Chivas 1-0 Atlas.

32 ‘

Abella takes a header after a corner kick and now Chivas has been saved by the red and black goal.

30 ‘

Malcora launches into the area, but the ball bounces off his partner Correa and helps Ponce disperse the ball.

24 ‘

CHIVAS again! Once again, Brizuela is encouraged to shoot out of area, but her shot is deflected sideways.

20 ‘

Camilo! Ponce heads towards goal, but the red and black goalkeeper deflects the ball and sidesteps what appeared to be a clear goal for Chivas.

19 ‘

Antuna at baseline speed is able to delay a center that cannot contact Chicote.

14 ‘

Brizuela hit you with the outside of your right foot. Chivas continues to reach the competition territory.

6 ‘

Chivas debut with Jesus Sanchez on the right edge of the area with a central shot deflected Camilo Vargas.

0 ‘

The match has started!


56 are the Clásicos Tapatíos Which has been played in the BBVA MX League short tournaments. Scales in favor of Chivas with 21 wins, 18 draws and 17 wins for Ruggingros del Atlas.

the stadium

Akron Stadium is a sports facility owned by FC Deportivo Guadalajara. It’s the first time that you have hosted a Clasico Tapatio without people.

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Main Atlas operator

Main Chivas player

Atlas’ latest lineup

Vargas. Nervo, Abela, Angulo, Conte, Malcora, Reyes, Izegara, Ibarra, Acosta, Korea.

Latest Chivas lineup

Godinho, Presino, Sanchez, Mir, Calderon, Brizuela, Antona, Angulo, Vasquez, Vega, Macias.

Quartet arbitration

The central referee in the Chivas and Atlas match will be Fernando Guerrero. Michel Alejandro Morales, first line; Karen Janet Diaz, second line; Victor Alfonso Caceres, Fourth Assistant.

To break the bad streak in the classics

Stay in the top eight

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