China GIrl: He wanted to seduce his ex-boyfriend..but he was finally found

China GIrl: Greetings are different when in love. He called out new names. Gone, booze, baby gossip. Lovers who describe themselves as intense love are so angry that they don’t hit each other after the breakup. Plans are made for revenge somehow. Thus some are physically abused while others are mentally damaged. Recently, a young woman devised a new strategy to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend.

She planned to impose a large fine on him, but her plan failed. Going into the details of the incident, a young woman from east China’s Zhejiang Province fell in love with another young man from the same area. But the young man fell in love with another young woman and the first girlfriend who did not like her said that she broke up. She had in mind that her boyfriend cheated on her and wanted to hit her anyway.

Against this background, he rented his car with the help of another friend. The vehicle was driven in violation of traffic rules. Violated traffic regulations 50 times in two days. Police stopped the car on suspicion and questioned the woman. That’s how she told the police the real thing. The police seized the car and canceled the fines and gave it to her ex-boyfriend. With this, her plan failed.

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