Is vandalism increasing in Lar – or not? – Lar

Time and time again, there are pictures and reports of destruction and litter in public places. But many say that Vandalism has not increased – for example the police. Lar sees it differently.

A new panoramic panel has been installed on Schutterlindenberg in Laar these days – the old panel has been torn up and destroyed. Damage and litter are often a topic in newspapers. This can give the impression that the phenomenon, often referred to as vandalism, has increased in the area. The police cannot confirm this. Assessments in municipalities vary. Order BZ in Lahr, Etenheim, Friesenheim and Schwanau.

These days, the local council Hugsweier has dealt with graffiti at Schutterlindenberghalle. The city of Laar referred to the devastation in the former Ringerheim am Altvater as well as to the fact that the free-access toilet facilities in the gymnasium at the Bürgerpark were demolished. Acts of sabotage in the eastern neighborhoods of Lar…

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