Broncos has a scrolling issue, not Drew Lock – The Denver Post

To hear Broncos coach Vic Fangio explain it, his team has no problem with a drag lock despite Locke’s four objections since his return from a right shoulder injury.

“As a team, we just need to fix the whole passing method,” Fangio answered Monday when asked about the main problems Locke faced in Sunday’s 43-16 loss to Kansas City.

So Bronco has the problem of passing the game.

Fangio said, “We haven’t thrown her very efficiently over the past two weeks and this is an 11-player operation and we as coaches – we’re all in it together.” “We have to work on that and it has to get better, no doubt about that.”

Fangio’s response undoubtedly counted.

Locke posted the passing ratings of 34.9 and 57.7 – the lowest and third lowest at the start of his nine career – in the past two games. But instead of distinguishing him, which would have fueled speculation about Bronco’s opinion of Locke, Fangio accused the whole process.

Make it an issue about the entire attacker and Fangio can still lend his support behind Lock. On major statistical success metrics, the Broncos fall short.

They are ranked 26th or worse in passing yards per game (209.2; 26), passing yards per game (6.09; 27), landing passes (six; 29), pedestrian rating (68.1; 30) and achievement percentage (57.8%, 31).

Broncos’ ten interceptions are tied for 2nd place in the NFL and 3rd place, which is an essential passing game for teams, is 30 (35.9%).

Excuses are ready if he chooses Bronco.

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Injuries: Locke missed two matches, receiver Cortland Sutton played one match (ACL), backlash Philip Lindsay played the equivalent of two matches (toe and concussion) and narrow end Noah Funt, behind Melvin Gordon and receiver KJ Hamler also lost time.

Youth: Ten players who were on the field in at least one attacking shot on Sunday were either junior players or in their second year.

Competition: The Broncos’ four losses were for teams totaling 22-4 (Tennessee, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay and Kansas City).

In fact, we should have expected this to happen.

At the start of the training camp, General Manager John Elway warned of a possible slow offensive start due to youth and the lack of a personal off-season program and pre-season games.

“I don’t think we can expect with no season outside of us to go out and hit all cylinders,” Elway said.

Three months later, Elway is proven correct.

As Lock tries to fight through his fights, what makes it even worse is that the Broncos crime can’t hang their collective hat on one thing. Fantasy receiver and rookie Jerry Judy, receiver Tim Patrick and now rising rookie Albert Okwigpunam need a lock to be on target.

“Drew will play better, eliminate negative plays and complete more balls,” Fangio said.

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