Moderna will double its production of antiviral vaccines in Switzerland

Geneva, April 29 (EFE). The American pharmaceutical company Moderna has signed an agreement with its partner in Switzerland, Lonza, to establish three additional production lines for COVID-19 vaccines in the country, which will be operational early next year and will be ready. Double dosing manufacture in the Helvetic Territory.

This collaboration is part of Moderna’s global plans to achieve production of around 3000 million doses of antiviral vaccine next year, and also by expanding other production lines such as those in Spain in cooperation with Rovi Pharmaceutical Laboratories.

Moderna Vice President Dan Stanner told Swiss television RTS that the agreement with Lonza seeks to adapt production to 2022, at a time when demand continues to outpace supply (this year it plans to produce between 800 and 1 billion doses worldwide).

“This is evidence that we have made a good decision when it comes to production in Switzerland and especially with Lonza, which has a proven track record in manufacturing biotechnology products,” said Stanner.

Lonza, which manufactures Moderna’s main vaccine origin at its facility in Visp, Switzerland, is hiring additional staff to meet rising demand and increasing production, and announced this week that it will be supported by employees from the major national food giant, Nestlé.

Lonza has launched an appeal through the Swiss government to hire new employees, and Nestlé has responded with the contribution of employees who will initially work for the biotech company for a period of three months, after a two-week training period. EFE

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