Netflix announces its first week

Netflix launched its first show crazy a weekAnd the An event designed as a way to give fans the opportunity to share their feelings and connect with people from all over the world who are equally passionate about the characters and stories the company publishes. It is therefore a true “virtual fan agreement” Created to celebrate the communities of geeks and bring them together. But let’s see more beautiful details of what it is and what we should expect.

The Geek Week: What is that

The Geek Week Sponsored by Netflix, it will provide fans with a wide range of exclusive news, new trailers, live photos, recordings of favorite stars, and many more costumes. It will be held from 7-11 June, So it will last five days, is cCompletely virtual and completely free. You can participate from anywhere in the world at any time.

Take a look at the promotional poster:

Geek Week

Some of the series and movies that will be playing a major role later in the week include: Masters of the Universe: A Revelation Lucifer 5 Part 2 (which will debut next July 23), which will debut May 28 With the ninth episode entitled Family dinnerAnd the Parachute AcademyAnd the the magicianAnd the HypnotistAmerican comedy of the same name, quotation with a pen Neil Gaiman And published DC Comics), Cuphead ShowAnd the vampireAnd the Sweet tooth (4 June)And the Cowboy BebopAnd the Weird thingsAnd the Castlevania (In this article our review of Season 4) and many more.

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    Parachute Academy

All news, trailers, graphics Geek Week, Along with our daily programming briefs, all information about the event and what we should actually expect, will be shared on Geeked Week’s social channels: TwitterAnd the InstagramAnd the Twitch e The social networking site Facebook And also on the official website

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