Black Summer 2 with Netflix: data, negative effects

Black Summer is a mini-series about the zombie world that is part of the Z Nation “saga”; The previous installment of the Zombie series that aired from 2014 to 2018 has been renewed for a second season. Let’s find out about the cast, release date, number of episodes, and plot of this prequel available on Netflix.

Netflix Ready with a string of hype-filled new titles for this summer; The key word, of course, is not to back down and not to lose all the success achieved at an anomalous moment of economic growth.

To please all the crowd, come Netflix There will also be a new series on zombies, Or rather, the second chapter of what seemed to be just one project.

black summer and the prefix, This is the story that comes first, from the well-known zombie series Z . nation, broadcast from 2014 to 2018; a kind of narrative very different from the main one, much more than irony and lack of reverence, which has been revamped for the second season Already a few days after the end of the first.

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plot and cast

Black Summer 2 netflix

last launched انطلقت April 11, 2019, series created by أنشأ Karl Schaefer e John Hyams, about to come back with the others 8 episodes compelling; Epidemic It just broke out which shocked the world, and dragged it into a state crisis and general anger.

the hero of the story Jimmy King Revealed season two:

“That will always keep you in suspense. New episodes will have very real human traits. For example, is a person selfish? She has a reason, right? What is there in the underlying psychology of each character? That’s the interesting thing about the season, it’s It really becomes a metaphor for what life is like. Whenever I read the text, I never expected to read this kind of content.” Then on the subject of the series: “When I read the script I found some things that I would never have imagined. It is a story that goes deep into psychology and into people’s souls. This is the most interesting thing: there is something metaphorical in the black summer.”

The cast will then consist of Jimmy King As the protagonist and other new faces:

  • Jimmy King
  • Justin Choo Carrie
  • Christine Lee,
  • Zoe Marlett
  • Bobby Naderi
  • Kelsey flower
  • Bashir Silvan
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Release date and where to see it in streaming

Summer Black 2-1-1024 x 512

black summer 2 It will be available exclusively at netflix, Also dubbed in Italian for total 8 episodes; The official release date for the second chapter is June 17.

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