Black-ish on Disney + Star: We interviewed Anthony Anderson

Today is the desired day: A star lands on Disney +. Many new movies and TV series are waiting for subscribers who will see the catalog of Casa di Mickey’s live streaming service soar. Offer more adult content and thus differentiate their offerings. Disney + February’s releases bring us some exciting news, while we can’t help but catch a glimpse of some timeless classics like Lost H How have you met your motherAnd the Accompanied by cult performances Who enjoy a specialized fan base in our country.

This is the case from blackish, The series you created Kenya Press Which deals comically with the identity and the various problems that the African American community suffers from in the United States and the relationship it binds to the rest of society, all of which were filtered through the vision of the head of the family, Andre “Dre” Johnson, Played by Click Anthony Anderson, Which apparently includes his wife Raibow (Tracee Ellis Ross) and children.

The show’s first five seasons – seven in all – will be available starting today, and for this occasion, Everyeye had the precious opportunity to sit down at a round table with a select group of journalists for Exclusive Interview with Anthony Anderson. The result was an enjoyable and satisfying conversation that we faithfully provided here.

View (re) discover!

Black-ish had poor distribution and programming in Italy, Many Italians will watch this show for the first time thanks to Disney + Star. We asked Anthony if, given today’s situation, Black-ish could be a breath of fresh air for them and what they should expect from their first experience with the series.

I think it will definitely be a breath of fresh air. Viewers can expect great story telling, history lesson, comedy, and loads of entertainment. All of these things go hand in hand. They can expect to learn something they had never learned before and did not know. There is this episode, “Nod“, Related to a sign we get to know each other within the black community; a story born when she once saw Kenya, walking by chance with some studio executives, another brother passed by and gave him a nod, a simple nod of recognition we have in our culture. Like “Wow, you know a lot of people, why does everyone know you? Do you know who this was?Kenya had no idea.

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In episodes like these, we push the veil aside, and allow you to participate in things that aren’t necessarily secret, but that make you understand how we interact with each other within our community. By doing this, we hope you can better understand who we are and how you can have a conversation with someone in real life about something you haven’t discussed before, because you never understood it. So you can go to one of your black friends and have a dialogue, because now you understand what the whole thing is and that’s what you can expect from our show.
Then the speech touches on how difficult it is to spread a message and talk about important topics through comedy and satire, But how important is entertainment at the same time.

It is important to us first and foremost to be a good show and make people laugh about something. If we can spice it up with a lesson, that is even better, and I applaud our writers and our producers for their journey along this fine line and the ability to tell a story like this in the available 22 minutes. We need to be entertained and moving, to be comedic, modern and meaningful at the same time, and we have an exceptional staff that is able to communicate this to an audience.

But we have more writers and producers providing us the materials to do just that. It has always been important for us to be able to give you a spoonful of some sugar to make it palatable with a sense of humor, because you can argue and. Having a difficult conversation is much easier if we all laugh at the same thing together. So that’s the common thread we have, and it’s always been part of our mission to be able to teach and learn in this way.
Onscreen, the collusion between Anthony and Tracy Ellis Ross, who plays his wife Rainbow, is evident. And so Dre’s translator talks to us about the great chemistry that exists between the two.

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Tracy and I have known each other for nearly 20 years and worked together twice before Black-ish. First in the Awards Show, while I was guest starring in a previous series of his in one episode. But when Tracee appeared on the audition and did the first scene, I quickly realized she was the one I was going to be hiring to play my wife and because the chemistry is undeniable. Seven years later it still cannot be denied. You might think that Tracee and I are best friends and we, and we are great friends, but there is an inexplicable chemistry that you rarely find.

It makes me work hard and it makes me a better actor and there is no one I like to work with on a daily basis. We don’t necessarily have to say something, we can just look at it and see exactly what will happen next and what needs to be said. This is a testament to her professionalism and talent as an actress, especially as a comedian.

Between stage and reality

Time to understand how much Anthony Anderson is in Andre “Dre” Johnson.

I know a lot with Dre; Andre Johnson’s character is based on Kenya Barris and Me, stories we lived, shared, and shared over the last seven seasons of the show. So I carry a lot of my personal sensitivity in creating and developing this character that I love. There are a lot of things in Dre that come from my life.

The discussion then moves to the problem of discrimination and racism and the extent to which personal experiences in this sense affect the writing process.

I’ll tell you, being a black man in America, the vast majority of us have faced discrimination and racism. So there were moments in my life that I had to take advantage of to tell a specific story or situation where Dre was reliving situations from my personal or Kenyan life, like the ones we still write in our show. Now, it is true that we benefited from our experience, but – I never get tired of saying this – which is why our show resonated with audiences around the world; It is precisely because of the originality with which these stories are told.

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All these shared moments in every episode that I watched are something that I’m absolutely sure you can recognize, because these are stories that actually happened in situations that belong to everyday life, regardless of creed or skin color; The experiences this particular family shares on TV are universal stories we can all identify with.
Black may be essential to understanding racism on a global scaleEspecially in light of the events of the past year (the Black Lives Matter movement); A phenomenon we live in everywhere in the world. In this regard, we ask Anthony how to convince any viewers to watch the series on Disney +.

I don’t think I need to say anything to get them to watch the show, other than the fact that you hit the mark when you said it was about a family telling their own stories. It’s a family that shares their experiences, and that’s how we grow, and that’s how we understand other cultures and other people: watching, listening and learning from their shared experience. Now, the experience we may have may be different from the experience you have had and that you are experiencing in particular, but they are the same, you know they are the same because there is something that you can identify and sympathize with that I can sympathize with.

So it’s these experiences that happen to all of us on a global scale. Maybe not the same way, but you do understand it, so it’s about meeting and talking and understanding each other better, talking about the similarities and differences and what we can do to eliminate these problems. It’s about getting us together and the stories told on this show belong to this family, but it’s something we can all relate to. We all have friends or other family members who have gone through similar situations, if we haven’t experienced them ourselves.

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