Enter the world of luxury into homes with the 752 Wellstar

Luxury begins at home. The idea is Giorgia del Medico, Beauty pioneer, and Francesca Chelmy, The well-known actress and former Miss Italy, who in 2019 has already begun laying the foundations for a new, ambitious and democratic project, aimed at bringing a culture of holistic well-being to the security homes of quarantine.

Today this idea has translated into a transversal portal that educates people to love and care for themselves not out of narcissism but for greater harmony with the surrounding world and with others. 752 Wellstar debuted online a few days ago, and in less than a week since it launched on the web, the site has surpassed 1,000 subscribers. It has already been renamed “Netflix for luxury752 Wellstar is a revolutionary startup that is completely self-financed by Giorgia and Francesca who strongly believe in this health-focused initiative: Pioneer of digital wellnessWe aim to help people improve and improve in various sectors by practicing specialties that relieve daily tensions to relax in body and soul – Chelme explains – our site which costs a subscription of just over 9 euros per month and includes a series of channels, 8 in all, it offers Many highly qualified professionals daily online training classes (muscle-strengthening gymnastics), yoga, pilates, the DeRose method, and facial gymnastics (a true novelty) ndr), Diet and nutrition, Makeup and healthy cooking, all accessible from your home and hotel room. We are not perfect either because this is related to genetics, but we certainly allow everyone to advance in the body and mind regarding their potential. “

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And if 70% of the participants were female, there were also many men interested in the programs and contents of this creator Beauty streaming platformOur clients today cover a range of residents between the ages of 25 and 45 and we are also planning new channels specifically for our male fans – explains Del Medico – meanwhile we have 30,000 followers spread across Italy, USA, Germany, France and Spain and we will soon enrich our offer with stimulating content As new as gymnastic exercises, especially those popular in the United States. “

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