Australian Open: Osaka wins the second title in Melbourne

The 23-year-old Osaka, who pinned American superstar Serena Williams in the semi-finals, had no problems with newcomer Brady. After about 1:20 hours, the Japanese regained their first match ball and celebrated their fourth title after winning the US Open in 2018 and 2020 and winning in Melbourne two years earlier. Additionally, Osaka can look to collect € 1.77 million in prize money in exchange for her seventh tournament win on the WTA Tour. In the world rankings it will rise from third to second place on Monday.

“It feels really unbelievable to me,” said Osaka, especially thanking fans after the US and French Open ended last year. “I played my last major tournament without spectators. So that energy means a lot to me now. Playing a major role at the moment is a great privilege.” The Japanese also called the semifinals of the US Open against Brady. “I told everyone you were going to be a problem again.” She said with a wink to the American, and you were right.

Osaka wins the Australian Open

Japanese Naomi Osaka was able to live up to her favorite role in the Australian Open final. She won two sets against surprising American Jennifer Brady in the final.

Osaka confirmed her role as one of the new characters in women’s tennis. She also confirmed her level in Australia: The Japanese lost their last defeat before the Coronavirus pandemic in February 2020 in the Federation Cup. At tournament level, she is unbeaten in 21 matches.

Osaka takes advantage of Brady’s tension

Brady missed a successful debut in her first major finale. At Rod Laver Stadium, half of which was packed with about 7,500 spectators, the outside player was quickly delayed in windy conditions. But the preferred candidate also appeared nervous in the first set. Osaka started with 2 aces in the first half and with a quick break, but at first she made many easy mistakes in the Australian capital.

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At first, Osaka did not use a 3-1 lead. Only after 4: 4 did the game clearly develop in favor of the former world number 1 thanks to Brady’s mistakes. She also improved significantly in the second set, lowering her error rate and driving at a speed of 4-0. Three victories in the world No. 24 match. She allowed it to do so before being named to succeed US winner Sophia Kenin last year.

From quarantine to final

Brady’s entry into the final is a great deal as the current world record of 24 has been affected by the strict quarantine ahead of the tournament, just like the other players. The American was stuck in her hotel room for two weeks, but when she reached the finals for the first time, she was able to look forward to her biggest career success so far. “I have to congratulate Naomi on another Grand Slam title,” said losing Brady at the show. “She is an inspiration to all of us. What she does tennis is impressive. I hope many girls see what she does and be inspired by it.”

Brady said, despite everything, she enjoyed every minute of the final. “The Grand Slam title is attainable, it is possible.” Brady said, “I wouldn’t say it’s like going to Mars.” Brady added, “I feel more comfortable at this level now, I have mixed feelings. I am so proud of my team that we reached my first Grand Slam final here. But I’m also sad because I got the finalist trophy, not the winner. I had my chances. “

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Australian Open in Melbourne

The end:
Naomi Osaka (JPN / 3) Jennifer Brady (US / 22) 6: 4 6: 3
Semi-final rounds:
Jennifer Brady (US / 22) Carolina Muchova (CZE / 25) 6: 4 3: 6 6: 4
Naomi Osaka (JPN / 3) Serena Williams (US / 10) 6: 3 6: 4
Quarter-final board:
Carolina Muchova (CZE / 25) Ashley Party (AUS / 1) 1: 6 6: 3 6: 2
Jennifer Brady (US / 22) Jessica Bigula (USA) 4: 6 6: 2 6: 1
Naomi Osaka (JPN / 3) Hsieh Su Wei (TPE) 6: 2 6: 2
Serena Williams (US / 10) Simona Halep (ROU / 2) 6: 3 6: 3

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