Il Netflix Movie Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild è in arrivo

3D animated series for Capcom

It’s not the first time you’ve heard of one Netflix special di Monster Hunter: 3 years ago, Capcom and Pure Imagination announced a collaboration to publish such a product, but only now we are learning more, and the release is expected very soon.

The movie will be titled Monster Hunter: Guild LegendsIt will be a 3D animated Netflix special, and a trailer is already available.

According to Capcom, the plot “It will focus on characters from titles like Monster Hunter 4 e Monster Hunter WorldIt will tell the story of Aiden, a young hunter who will try to save his village from a dragon attack, all within the wonderful world of Monster Hunter that we all know so well, inhabited by ferocious beasts that endanger humanity’s existence.

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There isn’t much to say at the moment, except that in the trailer we can already notice that there are some famous monsters in the saga, such as Devilgo and the Lunastra, which appears to be the main enemy that the protagonist will be asked to face.

Monster Hunter: Guild Legends on the podium Netflix The August 12, 2021. Do you see it?

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