BitTorrent breaks its side, is it preparing for a new rally? BTT coin on May 7 analyzes 8 different chart comments

As of May 6, there were crashes on some of the sub-currencies on the cryptocurrency exchanges. Among the falling fraction coins is the BTT coin. As for the BitTorrent coin, which has been long awaiting rally and is investing in the opposite direction, you can check out the latest chart analysis and commentary on May 7. News; BTT coin consists of chart analysis for the last 5 days and 8 different personal comments in total. Please read and comment on the news in full. Shared Graphics & Analytics “No Investment Advice Included!”

My Real Estate Window / Economy News – May 7, 2021 – Istanbul

Those waiting for BitTorrent (BTT) currency saw the decline collapse with the rally that started on Thursday, May 6. In many of the comments a new analogy has been made to prepare for a rally. So on the last business day of the week, what is the target and new levels for BTT? The latest graphical comments in our news.

The uptrend started at $ 0.006317 on May 5th, suddenly reaching the 0.007388 level. BTT coin, which has been trading with a bearish chart as of May 6th, advanced to $ 0.0082139 with the jump on May 6th. In our preparation for the news, Bittorrent, which is up again, is currently trading at $ 0.0079500 levels. BTT coin has gained more than 10 percent in the past 24 hours.

BTTUSDT on May 7th latest 5 day crypto scheme

Is BTT preparing for the new rally? (emreuysal)

Bit torrent / (BTTUSDT) 0.0080068 0.0007703 10.64%

I was going to share this chart yesterday evening when the alarm went off, and it broke the landing line, but I couldn’t write due to the severity …

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0.0070 levels have been a very good buy point … the volumes of the candlesticks from the past 2 days are good, I think the btt correction is over and it will go up fast or slow after that … but I am a bit concerned about the BTC position …

In these cases, you can offset some of your position size by entering the remainder of 0.007 … because it is possible to see these levels again in the low of BTC, those who do not see it and want to enter even if it rises, it is possible to try to take positions at the close above 0.382 Fibo …

Note: my thoughts are posts made using technical analysis to show situations that traders (e) cannot see or may miss out on the sharpness and to enrich their views … it is absolutely not investment advice …

Is BTT preparing for the new rally?  (emreuysal)

BITTORENT graphic has been updated !!! (American Kartal)

Bit Torrent / (BTTUSDT) 0.0079834 0.0007469 10.32%

Hello Guys BTT is a popular currency, and we have a lot of questions. Since it will show upward potential in the future, of course, this situation may differ according to BTC, total of 2.

Ideas don’t pump up gradually …

It is not investment advice. It is prepared for educational purposes.

BITTORENT graphic has been updated !!!  (American Kartal)

BTT breaks the falls !! (CoinZade)

BitTorrent / TetherUS (BINANCE: BTTUSDT) 0.0080736 0.0008371 11.57%

$ BTT, which has broken its downtrend since the beginning of April, can be assessed as a result of a retest in the purple region. Goals are set in the graph. It is for educational purposes and does not contain investment advice.

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BTT breaks the falls !!  (CoinZade)

BTTUSDT (teke3451)

Bit torrent / (BTTUSDT) 0.0080945 0.0008580 11.86%

I have updated the chart so that you can follow it 🙂

BTTUSDT (teke3451)

BTT / USDT (stock exchange analysis)

Bit Torrent / (BTTUSDT) 0.0081610 0.0009245 12.78%

We don’t have a business with small money, and seeing the big picture win year-to-date.

BTT / USDT (stock exchange analysis)

#BTT Downtrend Breakdown (Crypto_Block)

Bit torrent / (BTTUSDT) 0.0081269 0.0008904 12.30%

BTT, which has not seen any movement for a long time, has breached the descending trend line on the daily chart, and if the daily candlestick closes above the line, we share the potential targets on the chart.

Our stocks are not investment advice, they are our own analyzes with educational content. Please do your analysis on the basis of your own knowledge.

#BTT Downtrend Breakdown (Crypto_Block)

Fracturing resistance (Fxmedicine)

Bit torrent / (BTTUSDT) 0.0080742 0.0008377 11.58%

4 hours ago
Withdrawal develops after the fracture, and the treatment is activated with receiver wax
2 hours ago
The deal is active

Fracturing resistance (Fxmedicine)

BTT (graphics processing unit)

Bit Torrent / (BTTUSDT) 0.0081222 0.0008857 12.24%

Also got RSI approval daily, and there is a small flag for 4 hours. I love her…

BTT (graphics processing unit)

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