Musk claims Bezos tried to ‘build his way to the moon based on lawsuits’ Amazon replies with 13-page PDF


October 1, 2021 05:45 GMT

The e-commerce giant has listed all the lawsuits brought by SpaceX throughout its history to show that it’s not just Bezos companies that are taking to court as a way to fight their competitors.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk on Tuesday accused Jeff Bezos’ companies of resorting to the legal system to stop the progress of his space project. “You can’t sue to get to the moon,” claimed The billionaire during Code 2021 conference held in Beverly Hills (California).

After hours Bezos responded, but not through his space company Blue Origin, SpaceX’s direct competitor, but instead sent a 13-page PDF document to various outlets listing all the lawsuits that SpaceX has filed throughout its history.

SpaceX has Long history of lawsuits Against the United States government in matters of acquisition and protesting various government decisions. It is difficult to reconcile this record with his recent position on filing other similar lawsuits.” an appointment CNBC to an Amazon spokesperson.

the document reflect 39 shares They fall into three categories: legal action, protests to the US Audit Office (GAO), and complaints to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The report contains up to Lawsuits filed in 2004When the company was just beginning to make its way to space.

For its part, Blue Origin Certified Publication From the report, noting that Kian Musk “has benefited from his repeated protests and lawsuits against NASA and the US Air Force,” according to an appointment Entity spokesperson edge.

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Musk immediately reacted on his Twitter account, emphasizing The differences Between SpaceX litigation and those brought by Bezos entities. SpaceX has sued *to allow it* to compete, and BO (Blue Origin) is suing it ban competition“, confirmed Billionair.

Fight the red hot

The feud between billionaires has only worsened since Blue Origin student to SpaceX in Federal Claims Court after NASA awarded Musk a contract to build a vehicle that would take astronauts to the Moon. In addition, Bezos’ aerospace company launched an advertising campaign in August in which Certain that the SpaceX spacecraft rocket is “Very complex and high riskTo accomplish the assigned task.

Parallel to Amazon Join the attack, by filing protests with the Federal Communications Commission over the launch of Starlink satellites, which SpaceX carried out. In this case, a subsidiary of the leading Bezos company is developing its own satellite internet software: Project Kuiper.

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