Snooping, new Netflix movie review

What do you do when you don’t feel safe inside the walls of your home? employment NetflixA new suspense movie that fits the vein home invasion, Directed by Adam Salky Based on text by Kevin Pierce: InterventionThe movie is available on the streaming platform starting September 22 and stars a married couple whose happy routine is broken Breaking into their new home of dreams. a great deal of Voltage Distinguish Intervention Which, however, does not stand up to the leap that could make it a successful thriller. We got to see it and talk about it here, in our review.

home Sweet Home

Mira (Frida Pinto) NS Henry (Logan Marshall Green) they built themselves dream house Behind the design of Henry himself, the architect, is in a picturesque location where the desert dominates the landscape. He fills her with love, care and attention, she believes that she can not find a better man in the world, and the happiness of the last step pushes them to organize a house opening party in a few days. However, the quiet routine is broken break in In their beautiful home, which nevertheless does no harm except for a few broken things.


After some time, when everything seemed to be back to normal, the break-in was repeated: three men invade the house of Myra and Henry and the last, apparently to defend himself, Shoot and kill them. While it may be the end of a nightmare for Mira, she finds her husband’s indifference to the recent killing of the three men strange, and alarm bells ring in her when the police tell them that these were members of a woman’s family. missing girl For over a month in a small town.

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Home invasion, but not much

Intervention It is already suggested from the title that someone infiltrated the rooms of the film’s protagonist’s house, wasting no time communicating what would happen over the course of the film, but the intrusion into the house is more sneaky and creepy for what we believe in. And so the Adam Salky movie makes a game hidden identities typical of a large part of thriller cinematography and in doing so it also undertakes to build a foundation of looks one can believe in as well, thanks Initial slow Which characterizes at least the first half of the movie. This is actually marked by scenes that see the two protagonists bent on showing all of their love to us, despite the fact that it’s understandable how this must overcome a terrible period caused by Mira’s (now cured) cancer.

but Intervention It rests on the pedestal of Clichés and predictability which separate them little by little, prompting the viewer not only to guess what will happen (and who will be the architect of certain actions), but in many cases to guess the next moves without any surprise. While it’s true that at some point the home invasion genre born in the thriller may have run out of ideas, on the other hand, there’s no shortage of ideas in the genre. Narrative solutions Really innovative and exciting, like the ones in See you from Adam Randall NS we from Jordan Bell, For example but not limited to. InterventionUnfortunately it doesn’t make a jump that can put it between titles testing and finding ingenious tricks to get out of Enclosure already seen.

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There’s no shortage of tension, and in fact, some of the sequences convey a sense plight growth that makes it Intervention Greatly enjoyable. The suspense builds up especially in the moments when what appear to be the story’s villains infiltrate Mira and Henry’s home or testify impromptu investigations Than Mira, more anxious because of the clumsy and inexperienced. Intervention So you stick to a couple in it panic jump Which brings excitement to the exciting Salky movie and ultimately the movie He leaves himself under surveillance until the endEntertaining with tightrope ambiance. However, this is not enough.

Intervention And that missed opportunity

The thriller directed by Adam Salky takes us to a very large house, with a refined design, where the residents should be able to live in comfort, and instead lock them in stuffy. Thus home becomes a place where you no longer feel safe despite the good looks, and Adam Salky does well in communicating the anguish that such a situation could cause any sane individual to flourish. Moreover, as mentioned, Intervention It does not lack the suspense that condenses above everything in it Latest Sequences, thanks for theExcellent explanation Anne Freida Pinto (lead actress in Millionaire(H Logan Marshall Green)Upgrade, Prometheus, CallingIntroducing Mira and Henry. Both of them are powerfully expressive, never entered exaggerationThey represent a more than adequate option for directing a thriller, although they are not always seen very little in the more noble titles.


Intervention Takes us to his latest sequence, thanks to one too direction They are generally fairly accurate, especially in the most claustrophobic scenes within confined spaces; NS Voltage This somehow makes its way into the movie, although it doesn’t get too penetrating and doesn’t give the sense of exhaustion that a high-level thriller would require. Adam Salky’s film like those students who were told “He’s smart, but he doesn’t”: Intervention That’s it, it’s an exciting story Don’t try too hard, but goes looking for already tested solutions, does not implement an original script so much that it can surprise us, and in fact we always Prepare for the plot Which brings life to the stage.

In the end, many aspects can be improved in this movie, which somehow does its homework to entertain For an hour and thirty-two minutes. However, it cannot be counted among those movies to watch a second time. In the meantime, it is possible to give a chance to Intervention Access to the Netflix catalog: Filmed by Adam Salky and written by Kevin Pierce, includes the cast Logan Marshall-Green, Frieda Pinto, Robert John Burke, Mark Silversen, Megan Elizabeth Kelly.

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