Ben Gulliver: A young man out of a pandemic has become a millionaire

A young man dared to delve into the epidemic, after he was fired from a hairdresser who was working as a salesman. He now earns 12,000 pounds a day (about 60 million pesos).

Only twenty years old, the British Ben Gulliver knew how to find an opportunity to start his dream of becoming his boss After losing his job in Romford, a London neighborhood.

Ben, who started his company last April, told The Sun: “I wasn’t enjoying my job selling hair transplants to people much, and when we got out of work, I thought I should do it.”

With Dentist offices closed during the lockdownGulliver devised a way to make money by taking advantage of online sales.


“That was the perfect moment. I started doing a search on YouTube to see which businesses I could do. “

Round work

The first thing the young man did was Sell ​​dental cleaning devices from china online In just one month, he was earning nearly 60 million pesos a day.

“I thought about what people would need while booking and my first idea was to buy and sell a dental plaque cleaning machine, as all dentists were closed.”

Later, He sold this business to an American investor and kept doing it, But this time with gym equipment via amazon.

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According to Gulliver, it’s in its first month It made a profit of about 200,000 pounds (about 1,000 million pesos).

This is confirmed by the 20-year-old businessman He’s actually made $ 1 million in income since he started his project 10 months ago. “I am amazed at how it got started.” Added.

in this time, Ben opened his office in Biodley, Located in the county of Worcestershire in England.

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