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They decided this fate after restrictions in Japan.

President of the Olympic Committee of Puerto Rico (COBOR) Sarah Rosario.

Photo: Juan R. Costa

Every day there is less time for the 2020 Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo, which will take place in historical times, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Puerto Rican Olympic Committee (COPUR) has decided that Bagulahti camp in Finland is the best option for athletes, due to severe restrictions in Japan.

We have moved our efforts to the Europe region, because acclimatization physiologically takes six hours, instead of 12 in Puerto Rico. COPUR CEO Fernando Olivero explained that upon their arrival in Japan, the athletes will be fully acclimatized to the time of the event.

On July 8, the first round of athletes leaves Puerto Rico for camp in Finland, and ends on July 24, with the possibility of extending until 30.

“We feel very relaxed and happy, and we are sure that our athletes will be in the best possible condition and will arrive safely on Japanese soil,” the CEO confirmed.

Unprecedented limitations

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are restrictions that have never been imposed on delegates before, such as having to request permission and notify in advance of every place they go.

COPOR President Sarah Rosario indicated that the delegation should download an app before arriving in Japan so that they can track it to follow at all times. In addition, they must submit a PCR test 72 hours before arriving in Tokyo at designated laboratories. Puerto Rico has only two laboratories accredited by Tokyo: one in San Juan and one in Ponce.

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“They are different games in terms of access and communication, but the task of all countries is that we will do everything possible so that the games can be held,” said the Kubor chief.

Of the 33 athletes who will participate in the Olympics, Rosario confirmed that 28 athletes have been vaccinated at the moment.


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