Avatar the Last Airbender: aggiornamenti sul Live Action Netflix

If there has been an amazing revival in the entertainment world, it has been Avatar the Last Airbender. Anime was born from a pen Michael Dante DiMartino e Brian Konitzko It aired for three years Nickelodeon It achieved huge fame in the first decade of years 2000So much so, that the American channel decided, in 2010To produce a film by director D. The Sixth SenseAnd the M. Night Shyamalan.

The movie was a resounding failure that killed the franchise. At least until the original series hit the streaming platform Netflix, Which makes them known to a whole new audience of fans. Renewed success Avatar the Last Airbender It also led to the creation of an occasional company (The Legend of Cora, Get out in Netflix Last Summer) and a live TV series project produced by the international broadcasting giant.

Well, reportedly Limit, There will be an interesting update on this project. Return journey, the manufacture company Dan Lin Who has participated in such successes thatAnd the Sherlock Holmes And the live motion of Aladdin, He will sign his first agreement with Universal Pictures, Who is involved in the realization of the live work of Netflix In a story Ang. In a way, this could mean getting a specialty like Universal into the project.

The series, however, is determined Limit, Still in pre-production and fans shouldn’t expect any exciting news in the short term. On top of that, the series is experiencing a somewhat tumultuous upbringing: without a confirmed cast, the live-action mode got a lot more complicated after exiting the creators’ project from the original series. Dimartino e Konitzko In fact, they abandoned production last year, due to unspecified technical differences. According to some reports, although there was no clash with the creative team, the two were unhappy with the director he chose. Netflix.

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Therefore, at the moment, little or nothing is known about the series Avatar the Last Airbender. With every update, keep following us!

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